Resident Evil’s Original Wesker Actor Is Dubbing Newer Games

Back in the mid-’90s, Capcom wasn’t the massive juggernaut of a game developer it is today, and Resident Evil wasn’t a franchise spanning over two dozen titles. Back then, Capcom localization team didn’t have the cash to spend on big-name vocal talent, so they got whoever they could to provide English voices.

The voice of Wesker, for example, was played by Pablo Kuntz, a Canadian who hasn’t voiced a single video game character since his debut in the original Resident Evil for the PS1. But rather than fade into obscurity, Resident Evil fans managed to track him down to ask him some questions and provide the narration for Wesker's Report, a document that summarized some of Resident Evil's backstory.

Kuntz didn’t stop there. As noted by ResetEra user CaptainKashup, Kuntz has "been having a lot of fun with the RE community, like re-enacting the infamous lines from the first game while playing it for the very first time with his son." You can view some of that wholesome footage on Kuntz’s YouTube page.

You’ll also find Kuntz re-dubbing lines from the recent Resident Evil remakes as well. In the video above, you can hear Kuntz’s delivery of Wesker’s betrayal scene, while here is the original scene as done by current Wesker voice actor Peter Jessop.

And you know what? I'm honestly not sure why Kuntz didn't stick with it. The lines are so cheesy that it doesn't really seem to matter who's delivering them. Nothing can detract from the pure Resident Evil gold of Wesker's villainy.

There's lots more on Kuntz's YouTube page, so fans will get a pretty good idea of what Resident Evil would have been like had Capcom not swapped Wesker's voice.

In more recent Resident Evil news, despite having a third-person camera on the way, the coming Winters Expansion for Resident Evil Village won't let players see Ethan's face. Some things will just have to remain a mystery even in the Resident Evil universe.

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