RetroMania Wrestling Making Its Home-Arcade Debut On iiRcade

iiRcade today announced RetroMania Wrestling will officially be landing on its home-arcade system. RetroMania Wrestling is the sequel to the 1991 classic, Wrestlefest, and this addition to the iiRcade catalog marks the first time RetroMania will be available in arcade form.

“Our iiRcade community is full of wrestling fans and we’re so excited to announce the addition of RetroMania Wrestling,” said Jong Shin, founder and CEO of iiRcade. “This modern wrestling game plays amazing on our platform with its retro-style gameplay, making it a perfect addition to iiRcade.”

RetroMania Wrestling will feature:

  • 16 Wrestlers
  • Several match types (1v1, Tag Team, Steel Cage, Battle Royale)
  • Story Mode
  • Ring Entrances + Ring Music
  • 2D pixel art with over 700 frames of animation
  • Crowd Chants + Reactions

Mike Hermann, CEO of Retrosoft Studios, thinks the game is a perfect fit for iiRcade. “It was a dream of mine to make RetroMania Wrestling a reality as 2D arcade wrestling games have always been a passion of mine that I play to this day. Now we are taking the next step in working with iiRcade to get RetroMania on a real arcade machine.”

iiRcade is an upcoming home arcade cabinet that features an expandable library. It comes with 11 games pre-installed, with both modern and retro games available for purchase through its online store. The arcade itself features a 19″ HD display, 100W Dual Stereo Speakers, and a premium control panel with various modes of input.

There are several different iiRcade models available for pre-order, ranging from the $599 bartop model, all the way to the exclusive Dragon’s Lair Edition, costing $799.00. The first wave of pre-orders have been shipped out this week, with more planned for the future.

RetroMania Wrestling is expected to launch on February 26 for Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and iiRcade. We’ll be going hands-on the iiRcade in the coming months, so check back later for our full impressions on the unique new cabinet.

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