Roblox: Job Update Guide For Adopt Me!

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In September of 2022, the Job update came to Adopt Me! in Roblox. With this update, you can now work a job to make some extra money. If you are looking into getting a job in Adopt Me!, we have all the answers that you are looking for.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at how you can get a job at one of the two new locations in the game. This content will be available to everyone; you will not have to unlock the ability to have a job! First, let's go over where you can find these two new job locations.

Job Buildings

There are two places where you can get a job; the Pizza Shop and the Salon. These two buildings are located right next to each other and can be found to the left once you enter to Adoption Island from the neighborhood.

Both of these buildings will have a stream of money coming out the top of them, easily allowing you to find them from a distance. You can easily get to this area by teleporting to the Dealership from the vehicle page of your inventory. Once you are in the Dealership, exit and the two buildings will be right outside.

How To Get A Job

To get a job, all you need to do is enter the building of choice and head to the mannequin that looks like you. In the Pizza Shop, the first mannequin will be in waiter clothes, and in the Salon, the mannequin will be in an apron with hair cutting tools stuck into the pocket.

When you approach the mannequin, you will have the option to click on them and take the job. The amount of money you earn will also be displayed; in the image above, you can see that both jobs pay 15 bucks per minute, which is a pretty good rate. While working, the needs of your pet will be suspended, so you don't have to worry about taking care of them.

Overall, you can earn 50 bucks a day in total from both jobs. This means that if you make 50 bucks at the Salon, you will not be able to head to the Pizza Shop and work for more money. Fortunately, this is based on days in the game, not real-life days. To make more money, all you need to do is wait until the following day and start working again.

Working At The Salon

Overall, working at the Salon is quite simple. Once you have changed into your uniform, you can dye your own pets and interact with various things in the building. On the top right-hand side of your screen, you will see a little wheel showing how much money you have made. This will gradually increase; even if you take a break to sit down, you will still earn money.

As a worker, you can enter through a door on the left of the Salon to go into a worker-only area. Here, you will find another mannequin. If no other players have claimed this job, you can interact to become a manager. This job is limited, so if there is already a player working as the manager, you will see a message saying that this position has already been filled.

Once you have made 50 bucks, you will not earn any more money, and you can stop!

Working At The Pizza Shop

Working at the Pizza Shop is a bit more difficult than working at the Salon. While working at this restaurant, you can choose between a chef or a waiter. Like the Salon, there is also a back worker-only room where you can be the manager if nobody else is working. Waiters and managers will earn 15 bucks per minute, while chefs earn ten bucks per pizza made.

As a chef, you will need to make pizza orders and as a waiter, you will need to deliver these orders. The Pizza Shop can become pretty busy, especially if a pizza party is happening. Overall, if you try your best to make pizza and serve customers, you will eventually make the daily 50 bucks.

Closing Time

When it becomes night, the Salon and Pizza Shop will close. If this happens when you are working, you will still stay in your job clothes, but you won't make any money. While closed, you can stay in the building and wait until it becomes day again, or head home and take care of your pet.

Pay Bonuses

Lastly, we have pay bonuses. This is a special item that can only be used by managers. Near the manager mannequin at both job locations, you will find a blue book. As a manager, you can approach workers to give them a bonus of ten bucks.

This does not detract from your own money, and the book can be used every 30 seconds. Overall, this is a great way to help other players make money, while you are making money yourself working the job.

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