Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song – Complete Guide To Proficiencies

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Fighting monsters and completing quests aren't the only things you get to do in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song. There are many ways in which you can interact with the world, but to do this you'll need to learn some Proficiencies.

Taking the time to learn about Proficiencies and how best to use them will greatly increase your chances of success with this game – they're how you acquire herbs and hidden chests, dig up rare ores to temper your weapons, sneak around pesky enemies, and even ambush them if you're feeling daring.

All Proficiencies And How They're Used

There are 17 Proficiencies that you can learn and use in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song. Each of them is associated with one of the six non-combat abilities that characters can be trained in:




Find Ore, Find Herbs, Find Traps, Find Chests, Find Treasure


Mine, Harvest, Excavate


Disarm Traps, Pick Locks




Lurk, Ambush, Move Silently


Vigilance, Jump, Climb

How to activate and use these skills will vary from Proficiency to Proficiency. With the Search and Gathering skills, you simply need to be standing near the areas and items that you'd use them with, and you'll get a small popup telling you that you can use a Proficiency when you're close enough. The Strategy skills are used when dealing with chests, the Ambush and Vigilance can be triggered when starting a fight against suitable monsters, and Lurk and Move Silently trigger by standing still for a long enough time.

Find Treasure and Excavate are only used when dealing with treasure maps, so only learn and equip them when needed.

Find Traps is a bit of a misnomer, by the way. That Proficiency is principally used to reveal hidden walls and the like. You need Disarm Traps to deal with trapped chests.

Some of the most useful and generally applicable Proficiencies in the game are Find Chests, Lurk, and Jump.

To use a Proficiency, it must be highlighted in the banner on the top left corner of the screen. Remember, they must also be equipped in your Proficiency menu to show up here!

Many tasks in the game will require that you have a certain 'level' of Proficiency. While you cannot level Proficiencies themselves, you can level the skills they fall under, and merely knowing the Proficiency will not be enough to know it – you need a level in that ability.

For example, some hidden chests in the game require that you have a level three Find Chests Proficiency – this means that you need a character in your party with both Find Chests and three levels in the Search ability.

The number of times you can use Proficiencies before you have to head back to town to recover them is dictated by your party's pool of skills. Your number of uses is calculated using the Proficiencies you have equipped, the highest level of that Proficiency in your party, and how many party members know it and are skilled with it.

To increase the number of uses, party members must know that Proficiency and be skilled in that ability. If you have Find Ore equipped, a party member with level three Gathering doesn't contribute extra uses until they acquire Find Ore for themselves.

Where To Learn All Proficiencies

As with other skills, Proficiencies can only be taught by Mentors. Instead of jewels, they cost gold to learn and are acquired individually per character, not once for the entire party. Luckily, they're quite cheap, only costing between 50 and 400 gold.

You can check out which Mentors teach which Proficiencies quite easily in the world map menu. Hit the button (detailed in the lower right corner of the screen) that lets you view a location's details, and then look at what the Mentor offers.

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