Round Up Your D&D Party With Valheim’s New Mod

Roaming the wilds in Valheim can often be a dangerous prospect. Not only could you meet your demise in a number of horrific ways, but on the off chance that you survive, you may return to find your base camp ransacked. If only there was some way for you to round up a posse to protect yourself and your belongings. Fear not brave Viking, Odin has blessed you with a mod for exactly that purpose.

As spotted by PCGamesN, the Fantasy Followers Pack by Salpati gives you the ability to recruit a D&D-style party to follow you on your adventures, or to simply stay behind and guard your home base. Each character has their own set of weapons, armour and abilities, and are even based on traditional RPG classes.

"Adds some custom RPG-style party Npc Followers to the game, with custom abilities & weapons/armor from other mods," says the mod's description. "You can get this [sic] followers by Crafting their summoning totem which will spawn them next to you! Command them to stay and protect your base/village or follow you on your adventure."

Derian is a Knight who carries around a shield that can protect you from arrows and performs other tank-like duties. Erandil the Ranger comes equipped with a runic bow and poison arrows that inflict dps damage upon your enemies. Dwarf Warrior, Hendrick, swaps between his crystal battle-axe and iron sledge to alternate between quick slash attacks and area-of-effect damage.

The Sage, Carkuil, can heal members of the party while inflicting elemental damage upon enemies. Sinduel is a Scholar who has mastered the element of frost and can unleash it upon her enemies. And finally, Tallin is a halfling thief who uses his dagger to perform sneak attacks on unaware enemies. Each of them can also be healed by giving them character-specific items.

The last time we heard from Valheim developer, Iron Gate, was when the team was gushing about the game's performance on the upcoming Steam Deck. "Valheim worked pretty much as-is on the Steam Deck without any real issues, both the Linux version and through proton," Iron Gate programmer and designer Jonathan Smårs told TheGamer. "Mainly we are working on a few controller accessibility issues and some font sizes to make sure everything is readable."

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