RPG Cinematic Turns Your Worldbuilding Ideas Into 3D Cut Scenes

Inspired Machinations founder Luke Cosgrove recently launched a Kickstarter adventure to fund RPG Cinematic, a computer program being designed to turn your TTRPG worldbuilding ideas into detailed and immersive 3D reality. RPG Cinematic’s funding goal is a lofty $170,729, and as of this writing has garnered 141 backers with 19 remaining.

RPG Cinematic is both an ambitious and, if fully funded, potentially incredible worldbuilding tool for TTRPG designers. As it stands right now, the standard methods TRPG designers have to bring their worlds to life involve theater of the mind play, playing with physical tabletop products, or playing with virtual tabletop products. Traditional in-person tabletop play and the more recent virtual tabletop play both represent your world in 2D flat space for the most part, aside from all the miniatures used, if any.

RPG Cinematic wants to take your worldbuilding ideas and level them up into an “immersive cinematic online experience” in 3D, with just the click of an on-screen button. As shown in the intro video, you can create the 2D map of your world, or just some small part of it (such as a village or dungeon), and RPG Cinematic can instantly bring your map to life by rendering it in full vibrant 3D.

Cosgrave has already crafted quite a few excellent tools into RPG Cinematic, including a Land Editor for large-scale overworld maps, and a Dungeon Builder for smaller-scale encounters. Both have a wide variety of options and elements included for crafting a full 3D environment, such as multiple trees, terrain and terrain sculpting, land types, biomes, settlement types, structures, doors, furniture, building materials, and many other items necessary and expected in a 3D worldbuilding program.

Cosgrove explains in the video they’re taking on the Kickstarter adventure to fund RPG Cinematic to finish development, and to increase the number of options available to use in building your worlds. Supporting the RPG Cinematic Kickstarter will allow Cosgrove and the development team to add more structures, more character animations (yes, you can even create characters that you and your players can roam around and actually game with in your 3D world), and more monsters.

Click over to the RPG Cinematic Kickstarter page right now for the full details and to see if it’s the TTRPG worldbuilding product you’ve been waiting for.

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