Rule The Galaxy As Star Kings With The New Age Of Wonders: Planetfall Update

Sci-fi turn-based strategy great Age of Wonders: Planetfall recently received the Star Kings expansion, allowing you to join the new Oathbound faction and take to the battlefield in a giant battle mech. A brand new campaign follows the Oathbound in, along with new Grail Configurations, and three new wildlife groups.

Star Kings is the third expansion update for Age of Wonders: Planetfall, following Revelations and Invasions. Once again, it’s up to you to save the galaxy, but this time you can do it while wearing a giant metal war machine. You’re tasked with attempting to unite the scattered pieces of the Star Union, and try to bring them all together in lasting peace. Along with the new battle mech, you have massive arc weaponry, the title of Paladin, and a faction that can see into the future.

According to the description, Paladins make up the fighting arm of the new Oathbound faction, and the new campaign centers on one Paladin in particular who has answered her people’s “Calling for Bravery”. You’ll have to guide her along the campaign in an effort to search out and retrieve “the only object in existence that can save humanity, the fabled Grail Configuration.” Assisting her are The Seers, who have the gift of precognition, and are able to foresee and manipulate the results of battles before they happen. And you’ll be doing this all from inside your titanic battle mech, towering over enemies while cutting them down with an array of high-tech arc weapons.

Grail Configurations are “powerful new landmark structures that can be captured for additional long term bonuses.” Capturing these through multi-stage missions will help secure the empire’s growth, along with increasing its military strength. That strength will be needed to help protect against the three new forms of wildlife you’re sure to encounter.

  • The Apostates: former Oathbound, now bound to chaos,
  • The Mycelians: sentient mushrooms that have become farm-machine cyborgs,
  • The Psionica: psychic energy-feeding rock-like vampires.

The Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Star Kings Expansion is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The core Age of Wonders: Planetfall is required to access the Star Kings content.

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