Rumored Kojima Game Abandoned Delays PlayStation App By Three Days

We’ll have to wait a few more days to find out if Blue Box Game Studio’s upcoming PlayStation exclusive, Abandoned, really is a secret Kojima marketing stunt.

Blue Box announced today on Twitter that the Abandoned: Trailer app, a new application designed to share trailers for the upcoming game, will be launching on PlayStation 5 this Friday, June 25. The app was originally scheduled to launch this coming Tuesday, but had to be delayed three days due to “localization issues.”

Abandoned is the working title of Blue Box Game Studios upcoming PS5 exclusive. Abandoned was revealed in early April in a post on the official PlayStation Blog by Hasan Kahraman, game director at Blue Box. At the time, some people found it strange that the game was getting an announcement on the official PlayStation Blog, yet the teaser was made using an asset pack from the Unreal marketplace. Some started to suspect that Blue Box and Abandoned might be a marketing stunt for Hideo Kojima’s next game, based on the fact that both Metal Gear Solid 5 and PT. were teased using fake studio names.

Last week, Blue Box tweeted that the real title of the game starts with the letter S and ends with the letter L, which many took to mean that Abandoned is actually a new Silent Hill game. This kickstarted a massive online conspiracy theory that Abandoned is actually Kojima’s “abandoned” Silent Hill game. Since then, game detectives have uncovered dozen of connections between Blue Box and Kojima as well as hints that would seem to suggest that Abandoned is a ruse and Blue Box isn’t real.

Blue Box has confirmed that Abandoned is not a Silent Hill game and that the studio has no relation to Kojima, but it hasn’t stopped the theories from pouring in. Those eager for an answer were looking forward to seeing more about the game this Tuesday when the app launched on PS5 (another curiosity, as game trailers typically don’t have their own PlayStation app) but now they’ll have to wait an additional three days to find out the truth about Abandoned.

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