Rune Factory 4 Special: Money Making Tips

Money is crucial in the world of Rune Factory 4. Without it, you wouldn't be able to buy seeds, get ahold of new furniture, expand your farm, or even use the hot springs after your initial freebies.

Luckily there are a lot of things you can do to make money in this game. You can farm, sell off monster parts, become a top-class chef, repurpose your old armor, and even open your own shop. If you're looking to make a lot of cash, we have some tips for you.

Drop Rate Boosts

One way to make money is by selling or crafting with items that drop from monsters. These are random drops, and there are two items in the game that you can use to increase drops rates – more items mean more profit!

The first item is the 4-Leaf Clover. Upgrading a piece of armor with a 4-Leaf Clover will provide you with a decent boost to your drop rate, though it can only apply this effect once. Don't waste multiple clovers on a set of armor, for example. 4-Leaf Clover seeds can be bought from the Flower Shop and they grow best in the Spring and the Fall.

The other item is the Happy Ring. Equipping this accessory will also provide a drop rate boost. The crafting recipe for a Happy Ring is one chunk of Silver and a 4-Leaf Clover and it is a level 30 recipe.

The game will check four things to determine your drop rate bonus:

  • If you are wearing a Happy Ring.
  • If you are wearing a piece of equipment with a 4-Leaf Clover forged into it.
  • If an NPC partner is wearing a Happy Ring.
  • If an NPC partner is wearing a piece of equipment with a 4-Leaf Clover forged into it.

To get the maximum boost, you should create two Happy Rings and forge a 4-Leaf Clover into both of them, and then give one of the rings to your partner.

It is a widely repeated rumor that Rare Cans also have this drop rate boost quality, but this appears not to be the case. Don't waste upgrade points on a Rare Can.

Pick Your Sale Days Carefully

Once you've opened your very own shop, you may be disappointed that not many people come to buy things. There is a sneaky trick though – open the shop on the days before and the day of a festival.

With so many characters gathering in the town square to chat about the festival there will be no shortage of customers. This is a great way to get your bartering skill level up in the shortest amount of time. Save your expensive items for these days and you can really make a killing!

Don't Die

In Rune Factory 4, death is little more than a slap on the wrist. You will be taken immediately to the Selphia clinic where you are being tended to by either Jones or Nancy. If it's Nancy, there's no harm done.

If it's Jones, however, he will charge you a hefty sum for your medical treatment. As a result, it's just good practice to use your Escape spell liberally whenever you get into any real danger of dying.

Complete Shop Requests

There are two chains of requests that unlock more seeds for purchase. You should endeavor to complete these as soon as possible, as the more expensive, late-game seeds are worth a lot more money.

Here are some particularly good crops to grow if you want to sell them as is instead of using them in crafting recipes or cooking:

ProduceProfit Per Seed
Leeks920 G per seed
Onions2,520 G per seed
Hot-Hot Fruit3,300 G per seed
Gold Cabbage29,500 G per seed
Gold Turnip50,000 G per seed

Wild Woolies

Using the Clippers tool, you can obtain Fur from Woolies. This includes both any Woolies that you have tamed in your monster barns and wild Woolies that can be found near Selphia. It's quite easy and quick to fill up your inventory by moving back and forth between packs of Woolies and shearing them.

While Fur isn't the most expensive item in the game, this can be a really handy early-game strategy for making enough money to buy lots of seeds or anything else you may have your eye on.

If you also kill the Woolies immediately after shearing them, there is a chance that they can drop Clippers themselves. These sell for a decent amount, too.

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