Rust Is On Track To Double Its Previous Player Count Record, Which Was Set Four Days Ago

Rust has seen an incredible resurgence lately, setting a new player count record only a few days into 2021. However, things only seem to be getting better for the survival game, as it’s now on track to double the previous record.

Let that sink in – a game that was first playable in 2013 broke its player count record eight years later. Then four days after breaking the original record, it’s on pace to double the new one. 2021 is definitely being kind to Facepunch Studios.

Garry Newman, the brains behind the survival game, also announced the game made over $1 million on Steam in just two days this week – a ridiculous achievement for any title, let alone one that released several years ago. At the time of writing, nearly 203,000 players are roaming Rust’s servers, just shy of its peak at 203,795 – set less than 24 hours ago.

It seems that the spike in player count is due to increased viewership on Twitch, with counts over and near the one million mark several times this week. Having a few popular streamers kickstart the aging title has done wonders for the game, bringing it to an audience that otherwise would have missed out on the hilariously fun survival simulator. After all, it’s developed by a team called Facepunch – clearly it’s a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Newman himself was shocked to see Rust’s sky-high numbers last week, as the game was set to have a server wipe just a few days later. Myth – a Twitch streamer with over 7 million followers – seems to be a big part of Rust’s resurgence, tweeting, “I sold my soul to Facepunch, holy fuck rust is so much fun.” Newman was quick to chime in, “We’re not paying anyone to play, honest.”

We’ve always known Twitch was an incredible platform for marketing video games, but seeing what it’s done for Rust is still mind-blowing. It’ll be interesting to watch the numbers change in the coming weeks, and discover whether players will continue to overrun its servers when streamers move on to new games.

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