Samsung 8K TVs aren’t actually 8K says LG

Companies are already trying to make 8K televisions the next must-buy piece of hardware but LG claims many of them aren’t true 8K displays.

It’s weird to talk about 8K displays when 4K is still relatively in its infancy, with 4K programming still only being broadcasted by a select few sources. 8K is definitely on the horizon, but electronics manufacturer LG says that TVs created by Samsung shouldn’t be labelled as 8K.

Even when it comes to console gaming true 4K is relatively rare and will only become more common in the next generation. At the moment though even top-end PC desktops struggle with 4K resolutions.

However, technology is always advancing, so the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has announced an official industry standard and accompanying logo for 8K ultra-high-definition televisions.

This association represents more than 2,200 consumer companies, including Sony, LG, and Samsung.

The inclusion of LG and Samsung is interesting, as at the moment they are both heavily invested in the 8K standard but they’ve been squabbling over what an actual 8K display is.

LG’s issue with Samsung isn’t with the 8K resolution, as both TVs offer 7680×4320; it’s because of something called contrast modulation. According to LG, this isn’t good enough in Samsung 8K TVs and so they insist they shouldn’t count as 8K.

Samsung, however, claim that contrast modulation isn’t that important and that brightness and other processing technologies should also be considered. According to PC Gamer they then went on to compare the two TVs side by side for image quality, using the image of a newspaper with small font, where the text was clearer on the Samsung TV.

These sort of arguments always break out between hardware manufacturers when there’s a new technology, although in the case of 8K it’s not going to matter until there’s a decent amount of content to use with the new TVs.

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