Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review: Is this the best smartphone to play Fortnite mobile?

“Playing in 60FPS over 30FPS is definitely worth the graphical degradation”

There is actually a downside to using the 60FPS feature, as users who toggle this option on will sacrifice quality for performance. Your video settings will automatically decrease from “Epic” to “High”.

Granted, there isn’t as big of a difference in graphical quality as you’d think but it’d be nice to finally see a phone that can pull off both.

What is the advantage of playing a mobile game in 60FPS? Well, actually, it’s quite a noticeable one. Player movements and even button presses just feel a lot more responsive and instantaneous, and it might be a placebo effect but it definitely gave me a mental advantage.

Playing in 60FPS over 30FPS is definitely worth the graphical degradation but at the end of the day, is your money worth going big or going home?

I’ve owned a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ever since launch as my main phone, and in using the S10 Plus I thought it would possibly convince me to go to the store and upgrade but… it just didn’t. In fact, I noticed when playing Fortnite on the S10 Plus that the phone would overheat massively and it felt like my hands were on fire just after a single match.

In fact, the S10 Plus getting ridiculously hot in an absurdly short amount of time is surprising when compared to my Note 9, which actually only gets hot after around 3 or more matches. The Galaxy Note 9 includes a Water Carbon cooling system which works tremendously well, while the Galaxy S10 Plus introduces a “vapor chamber cooling system” which is the same method used in the powerful Xbox One X, yet it disappoints in demanding games.

While I mentioned the S10 Plus had a 30FPS and 60FPS mode, my Note 9 has a 30FPS and 20FPS option. Don’t pick 20FPS if you ever get the chance, especially on a phone worth £899. 

The Note 9 and S10 Plus both have the same retail price and yet the S10 Plus outranks the former in gaming performance, whereas the Note 9 has a larger screen and the S-Pen. So, it’s all about the buyer’s priorities. 

But what if the buyer doesn’t have to spend £899 on a phone just to play Fortnite? HONOR’s View 20 phone is still my number one in regards to Fortnite gaming, as it has 60FPS and 60Hz support as well as a 4,000 mAh battery and performs incredibly with video games in general – all at the price of £499. Then again, the View 20 does also overheat quite quickly in a few sessions of Fortnite.

All three of these phones have promotions with Epic Games, with the S10 Plus granting players the Ikonik outfit and Scenario emote, the Note 9 giving the Galaxy skin, pickaxe and glider, and the HONOR View 20 rewarding users with a Honor Guard outfit. In the end, it seems that Samsung’s promotions give the most cosmetics but at the cost of double the retail price. 

Fortnite itself performs pretty much the exact same on the S10 Plus and HONOR View 20, and it is slightly slower on the Note 9 due to the phone’s incapability of running 60FPS gameplay. However, while the S10 Plus is double the price, I believe it is justified. 

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus holds one of the greatest cameras I’ve ever used on a smartphone, and with its 4,100 mAh battery, it lasts, as the company advertises, all-day.

Fortnite does take quite a chunk of the battery if you’re having a long gaming session but for casual use the S10 Plus takes the cake. If you want a gaming phone, then head with the View 20.

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