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The indie game Scarf features a bunch of featureless characters, known as the nomads, who are exploring brand-new worlds and making discoveries! The game tells us a little about the nomads, their discoveries, and their abilities through pictures that you can find in-game – officially known as 'Drawings.'

Whether you're an achievement hunter looking to get 100% of the content in this brief game or you're just interested in the exploits of these mischievous, adorable creatures, you're in the right place. In this article, we detail the location of every single Drawing in the game, divided up by the world that you'll find them in.

Every Drawing In The Ocean

1 – Drawing Of Two Nomads With A Water Orb

The very first picture is incredibly easy to find but sneakily placed.

All you need to do is, right after spawning into the Ocean, run around to the back of the wall that the portal is built into. They put it right at the start, before most players would have even thought about looking for collectibles! The Drawing is on the backside of the wall.

2 – Drawing Of Nomads Collecting Seashells

To get this drawing, you'll need to do a little bit of backtracking.

Keep an eye out for when you get the "liana" ability (you'll get an achievement of the same name) which allows you to swing on hoops. Once you have that, turn back around towards the floating logs. You'll notice as you head back that there's a hoop to the left-hand side of the path! Jump across it to a small stone island where this Drawing is waiting for you!

3 – Drawing Of Nomads Playing With A Toy

There's a memorable moment towards the end of the Ocean level in which you run across a long stone bridge towards a towering fortress ahead. When you get to the end of that stone bridge, don't head up the stairs and inside immediately! This Drawing is super easy to get, it's just on the right-hand side of the balcony.

Every Drawing In The Desert

1 – Drawing Of Nomads Growing Plants

Right at the beginning of the Desert level, you'll be faced with a huge sandslide that will take you down towards some ruins. Instead of coasting down them to the bottom, stick along the right-hand wall at the top. Just around the corner is a ledge, hidden by falling sand. The Drawing is right there!

2 – Drawing Of Nomads With Starfish

When you solve the puzzles in the ruins that are at the bottom of the sandslide, you'll create two bridges, giving you access to two doors to your left and right. When you travel through the left-hand one, you'll eventually reach another set of ruins, surrounded by pools of water.

There are more puzzles to solve here. One of them involves air that can blow you up onto higher platforms, if you move a block to allow it to get through. Right next to that puzzle is where you'll find a little stone patio against the rock wall with the Drawing safely hidden inside.

3 – Drawing Of A Nomad Walking Alone Through The Desert

Closer to the end of the Desert level, you'll need to work through a puzzle that involves rising and falling water levels. When you complete it, there are a few flowers to jump across and reach the end. Right after jumping over those flowers, make an immediate left and examine the wall next to you; the Drawing will be there.

Every Drawing In The Forest

1 – Drawing Of A Nomad Growing A Tree

Early on in the Forest level, you'll enter some ruins with a large tree growing in the centre. This Drawing is really easy to get – it's just against the back wall in the corner. If you're facing the tree from the way you entered, with your Scarf hovering there for you to comfort her, the Drawing is behind you to the right. You don't need to do any platforming or even use your scarf at all!

2 – Drawing Of Nomads Setting Up A Home

When you enter the ruins mentioned above, the three nomads there will run away: two of them in one direction, and the other one in a different direction. When you chase after the pair of nomads, they eventually capture your scarf and you're forced to free her. After you successfully free the scarf, she flies away across a bridge. Keep an eye out, because the Drawing is nearby! Cross the bridge, turn right, and use the landscape to go down next to the bridge. The Drawing is placed on the side of the bridge there.

3 – Drawing Of Nomads Playing At Sunset

While chasing after the nomad who ran off on their own, you'll encounter an area where you need to gather scarf pieces to charge up an obelisk. You'll know you're getting close to the area because, as you enter, you'll see lots of bunnies and apples lying around!

You'll need to do a bit of climbing into the region first, but the Drawing isn't terribly difficult to find. Keep an eye out for a bunch of angry bunnies guarding a scarf piece under a ledge. There's a small hill near the bunnies with a fence in the shape of a semicircle marking the path – head up that way and enter the ruins, where the drawing is waiting for you!

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