Scarlet Nexus Adds Photo Mode, New Difficulty, And More

Scarlet Nexus was a pleasant surprise when it came out back in June 2021. It was chock-full of Devil May Cry-esque action gameplay along with an outright wacky sci-fi anime story. It managed to impress many players, so it's not surprising to hear that Bandai Namco is continuing to support it with a bunch of brand-new content that was just released.

First, there's the newest batch of paid downloadable content, which is the third DLC pack released for Scarlett Nexus so far. It's called the Brain Eater Pack, which is quite possibly the best name any DLC has ever had. This features a new episode that delves into the backstory of major villain Karen Travers and a mission that ties into the anime adaptation as well. This pack also gives you 2 new costume sets, some new Vision Simulator missions, and a bunch of other goodies. You can pick up this content for a cool $6.99 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Steam, and other digital storefronts.

But that's not all. In addition to paid DLC, Scarlet Nexus has also received a free update that adds a bevy of new features for long-time fans to fool around with.

Along with the Brain Eater Pack – a name that gets sillier and sillier the more you look at it – Bandai Namco has added a new photo mode that will allow players to take pictures of their favorite scenery within Scarlet Nexus' strange world. There's now a very hard mode, which significantly cranks up the difficulty for those who think this game is a bit too easy. Finally, the update has put in some new weapon skins because who doesn't love some free cosmetics?

This newest selection of both paid and free downloadable content is a good reason to jump into Scarlet Nexus if you've been on the fence about trying this anime brawler. The story can be a bit impenetrable at times with all of the sci-fi mumbo jumbo happening, but the combat is quite enjoyable and there are some likable characters scattered among the various brain-eaters. It has received positive reviews and is currently available on Xbox Game Pass.

Plus, it has brain-eaters in it. How could you possibly hate any game that features something called a brain-eater? You just can't.

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