School’s Back In Session! Doki Doki Literature Club Creator Promises New Content This Year

Looks like we’re going back to school. Critically acclaimed visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club! will get brand new content this year, according to Team Salvato

In an uplifting and inspiring recent tweet by Dan Salvato, head of Team Salvato and creator of Doki Doki Literature Club!, the 27-year-old designer confirmed that new content will be released sometime this year. Salvato clarified that this “new content” will not be a sequel. He also teased news regarding his second visual novel which has “been on hold for 2 years.”

Though the information in Salvato’s Tweet is scarce, and there’s no confirmation on what form the new DDLC content will take or what the premise and themes will be for Salvato’s second visual novel, fans have reacted very excitedly to the news.

Doki Doki Literature Club! was released back in 2017 as a free game downloadable through and later through Steam. The game told the story of a young male protagonist as he joins his high school’s eponymous literature club and befriends the club’s four female members. Though the game initially gives off a cutsey otome feel with its anime-style artwork, dating simulator tropes, and joyous music, it’s actually a metafictional psychological horror game in disguise. Players make choices that directly affect their outcome and can lead to one of the game’s many endings. The game also breaks the fourth wall in an unconventional and groundbreaking way.

Though Doki Doki Literature Club! was Dan Salvato’s first video game, prior to the game’s release he created extensions for Twitch and was known for his modding work in Super Smash Bros. He was also known for his custom Super Mario Maker levels. Salvato has previously revealed that his inspiration for creating Doki Doki came from a love-hate relationship towards anime, as well as an affinity for unsettling horror stories.

Since it’s initial release, Doki Doki Literature Club! has been a commercial and critical success. It was downloaded over one million times during its first three months of release, with cumulative downloads increasing to three million by the end of its fourth month. It holds the title of “Best PC Game of 2017” from IGN.

Doki Doki Literature Club! is available for download via and Steam.

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