Sea of Thieves Honors The Late Eddie Van Halen With Piratical Take On Classic Rock Song

Rare honored the life of Eddie Van Halen by covering the 1984 hit single Jump using the same instruments found in Sea of Thieves.

Eddie Van Halen passed away on October 6 after a long battle with cancer. He was 65. As the lead guitar from the famous rock band Van Halen, his death was met with an outpouring of sorrow that during any other year would have made the front page of every new site in the world, but since it’s 2020 and the world is literally on fire, it barely made a blip.

Even still, the developers for Sea of Thieves decided that Eddie required a send-off that only pirates could provide.

Rare tweeted a cover of the Van Halen classic “Jump” last week in the distinctive musical style of Sea of Thieves. This replaced the keyboards and electric guitars with a tuba, concertina, a hurdy-gurdy, and a tambourine, along with a lead singer that sounded like he’d drunk a little too much grog the night before.

“A tribute in our current Sea of Thieves style to a man whose talent and fun-loving spirit has had a huge influence on many members of the Rare family past and present, and will undoubtedly continue to do so,” Rare wrote, followed with the hashtag #RIPEddie.

Additionally, Sea of Thieves recently took up the call to fight cancer by teaming with Stand Up To Cancer, an organization that funds research in the hopes of one day finding a cure. From now until November 6th, every purchase of the Sails of Union sail will have a portion go to Stand Up To Cancer. Purchases made via Steam will have 75% of proceeds go to the charity, while purchases made via the Microsoft Store will have 100% of the proceeds put towards cancer research.

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