Sea Of Thieves: How To Complete The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale

The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale is the second adventure in the Shores of Gold Arc in Sea of Thieves. After successfully reclaiming the Shroudbreaker from its ancient vault, the players must now find the missing pieces so that its magic can be wrought to pierce the mist surrounding the Sea of Thieves and reach the mythical island known as the Shores of Gold.

For this Tall Tale you must have completed the Shroudbreaker first, which can be triggered by the Mysterious Stranger in any tavern. This second Tall Tale is a short exploration of the Ancient Isles but requires you to fight several Skeleton Captains and one Skeleton Lord, so finding a friend or two will make the journey much easier. This guide will walk you through the various puzzles that lead you to the Skeleton Lord and the end of the Tall Tale.

How To Begin the Cursed Rogue Tall Tale

If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve loaded up the Adventure Mode of Sea of Thieves. Unlike the Shroudbreaker Tall Tale, you’ll need to find a more specific character to begin this voyage and that means you’ll have to sail to Plunder Outpost (J-18) in the Ancient Isles. Once you’ve arrived, find the Order of Souls representative, Madame Olivia in her purple tent under the Premium Store. Besides her is the Cursed Rogue Tall Tale, which over half your crew will have to vote on to begin the quest.

After the Madame Olivia will issue you with a book which you must use to track down a Skeleton Key and Skeleton Chest, which she can use the contents of to find the menacing Captain Briggsy. All you need to do is piece the clues together to find the items first.

How To Find The Skeleton Key In The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale

Your first investigation, in the first section of the journal you’ve been given in your quest inventory, will lead you to the Skeleton Key. To find it you have to piece together the thoughts and images recorded by the Order of Souls of someone who helped hide it.

There are several possible islands that the crew guarding the key might be lurking on, so you’ll have to follow the clues and look to see what the image of the island looks like. You can use the map table to see the shapes of the island, or your own memory if there are landmarks visible. It can be a little tricky though, so we’ve listed all the possible locations, and few clues that point to them to help you narrow it down.

  • If the last page of the section mentions camping deep within the cove, you’ll need to head to Shark Bait Cove to find them.
  • If the last page of the section mentions a camp atop the hill, the Skeleton Key crew can be found on Devil’s Ridge.
  • If the last page of the section mentions a camp on the central island, they can be found on the middle island of Snake Island.
  • If the last page of the section mentions a camp atop the isle, the crew are most likely on Discovery Ridge. Be careful here as the wording is very similar to Devil’s Ridge.
  • There are two locations that are described the same on the last page. They will mention camping on a small island, although the pictures will be different and you might be able to identify the island from them, there is another way to solve the riddle. The next two identifiers are for when the last page mentions the small isle.
  • If the second last page of the section has an image of a large stone arch, they’ll be hiding on Castaway Isle.
  • If the second last page of the section has an image of a ship sailing past some sea rocks on the horizon, the crew will be Barnacle Cay.

Once you know which island the crew are on, set your heading and make your way there. If the island is smaller you’ll find the Skeleton crew immediately, but if you’re heading for a larger island you’ll have to use the quest book to find the exact location. As you get close the undead camp, you’ll hear them speaking to each other, which can be a useful indicator if you’re struggling.

Defeat the crew and destroy the captain to find the Skeleton Key where they fell. Take it back onto your ship and start piecing together the clues you need to find the Skeleton Chest.

How To Find The Skeleton Chest The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale

The riddle to find the Skeleton Chest is the same design as the Skeleton Key, so you’ll have to piece together the location of a second crew that have buried the chest and guard its location.

Once again the way this solved is by using the cryptic words and sketched images to try and find out which island they might be lurking on. But if you’re struggling to piece it all together, we’ve got you covered. Look at the last image on the section, for these seems to be unique to each island.

  • You’ll need to head to Crook’s Hollow if the image is a skeleton burying the chest underground, near a painted rock of circling shapes.
  • Plunder Valley is the destination of choice if the final image features a snake painted on a stone.
  • If you can see the three Easter Island like statues heads in the final image, Thieves’ Haven is the island for you.
  • Discovery Ridge will be island to head to if the image has two skeletons on the left half and plants on the right.
  • Lookout Point is easy to spot if you can see the white waves crashing around the edge of the island in the picture.
  • And if you can see the skeletons digging up a sandbar, you’ll need to make your way to Mutineer Rock.

Once you’ve arrived at the correct island you’ll have to once again hunt out the crew guarding the chest. With them defeated, use the final image in the book to find the spot it was buried (this will be in the immediate area the Skeleton’s were guarding) and dig it up with you shovel.

Once you’ve recovered the Skeleton Chest and brought it aboard, use the Skeleton Key to open it and then return to Madame Olivia to deliver the treasures inside.

How To Find Captain Briggsy In The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale

After you return to Madame Olivia with the treasures of the chest, she will gift you an enchanted compass that leads the way to Briggsy. You can equip the compass from the quest inventory wheel and it will point in a straight line towards the Skeleton Lord.

Jump back on board your ship and set sail in the direction the compass is pointing. Look out for sea rocks or islands in the way as the compass will not warn you of them. Once you start approaching an island, begin circling it and check the compass is pointing to this island, and make sure it’s not another island behind this one.

Once you’ve made it to the correct island, use the compass to lead you to the exact spot Briggsy is standing. Now all you have to do is defeat her.

How To Defeat Captain Briggsy In The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale

There’s a chance that Briggsy is the first Skeleton Lord you’ve ever fought so be ready for challenge as they are one of the single toughest enemies in the game. She will have a tremendous health pool, although that does depend on the size of your crew, and can do a lot of damage.

Fish and cook up some fish before you start the fight so you’ll have some regenerating health for the battle, and maybe take some spare with you to top up as you take damage.

She can summon regular skeleton mobs to help her out so keep an eye out for any extra foes that appear during the battle and maybe assign one of your crew to clear them up so the rest can focus on the captain. She can also heal herself during the fight so you’ll want to disrupt her whenever you see her try and eat.

She has two special abilities you’ll also have to look out for. The first is a teleportation power that lets her blink out of existence for a couple of seconds before reappearing somewhere else. She’ll taunt you when she’s back so try to locate her as soon as possible since she’ll probably try and shoot you if you don’t.

Her other ability is a massive area of effect attack that will deal a lot of damage and send you flying. If you see her begin to wind this up, make sure you’re not standing at the edge of a cliff or anything that you can be flung from. Likewise, make sure your boat isn’t too close to the fight or she might do some serious damage to it when it blasts.

When you’ve finally defeated her, grab her unique skull and once again return to Madame Olivia to complete the Tall Tale. She’ll give you some clues as to which Tall Tales you’ll need to do next to discover more about the broken Shroudbreaker.

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