Second Extinction Gets Xbox Game Preview Release

Imagine Left 4 Dead, but instead of constantly running away from zombies, you’re constantly running towards mutant dinosaurs. And you’re also tearing them to pieces with lots and lots of bullets.

“If firing a minigun into a crowd of velociraptors sounds like your kind of fun,” Eric told us in his preview back in October, “Second Extinction is 100% as advertised.”

Second Extinction imagines a world where humanity is now the endangered species. Someone’s Jurassic Park experiment got really out of hand and now the world is overrun with evolved forms of mutant dinosaurs. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill T-Rexes anymore.

So far, Second Extinction has had a pretty good run on Steam Early Access, gathering up a “mostly positive” review score. But developer Systemic Reaction doesn’t want to stop at just Steam, so they’ve partnered with Microsoft to bring their early access dino-shooter to Xbox Game Preview.

Later this spring, Second Extinction will launch on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. This will let System Reaction gather data on how their game performs on console as well as PC.

“As a creator, having that immediacy of feedback to your game is an incredibly empowering process made all the more rewarding by the warmth and passion that our community has displayed,” wrote game director Simon Vickers on Xbox Wire. “Since the Early Access launch, we have been able to add new features and tweak old ones with greater confidence that we were building something better with each update.”

One of the new features that Second Extinction received as a result of early access was the “War Effort” system–a dynamic game world that’s determined entirely by the player community. Depending on what the players are doing, certain regions become more difficult and have slightly different content than normal.

We don’t have a specific date on when Second Extinction will launch on Xbox Game Preview, but if you can’t wait, there’s always the Steam version available now.

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