Sedecordle is the ultra hard 16x Wordle spin-off you knew was coming

First it was Quordle, that had you solving four Wordle puzzles at once, then Octordle with eight, and now… Sedecordle with 16!

We were only joking about the inevitability of Sedecordle a few weeks ago and now our prediction has come true, in what may be the hardest Wordle variant of them all.

We guessed it would be called Sedecimrdle (the Latin for 16 is sēdecim) but the idea is the same: solve 16 different Wordle puzzles at once – although because there’s so many you do get 21 tries to get them right.

Everything else is exactly the same as normal Wordle though, including the yellow and green tiles that indicate whether you’ve got a letter right, but in the wrong place, or the right letter in the right place.

With that many puzzles going on at once it really does seem like luck plays too much of a role in the game, but then again, if you do manage to win, you get to claim it’s all skill.

As with most of these games Sedecordle is only a work in progress, so while it doesn’t have any score sharing features yet that will hopefully come in time – assuming anyone actually finishes the whole thing and gets a score.

Sedecordle boasts of having a new puzzle every day and of always being free, with no signs of any kind of ads. The New York Times hasn’t tried to stop any other Wordle clones, so there’s no reason to imagine they’ll try to get this one taken down either.

The Latin for 32, the next obvious increase in difficulty, is trīgintā duo but the problem with that is a) solving that many Wordles at once is probably impossible and b) so too is working out a catchy name with -rdle at the end.

Daily #32

Today was almost a grab a notepad day.

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