Sekiro mask: Where to find Dancing Dragon Mask pieces, how to get all three parts

Sekiro Dancing Dragon Mask is a mysterious item that players can collect pieces for in the latest FromSoftware game.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice has been out for almost a week now, and as can be expected from a FromSoft game it’s not a walk a park in the walk.

Made from the same DNA as Bloodborne and the Dark Souls games, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is a hard-as-nails action RPG that tests your skills to the limit.

And like other games made by FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki, it doesn’t spoon feed information to players.

One such thing that players need to figure out for themselves is how to assemble the Dancing Dragon Mask.

What’s even more of a mystery, as you come across pieces for it, is what the Sekiro mask does.

If you’re struggling then not to worry, is here to help – we have details on how you can get all the pieces for the Sekiro mask.


To complete the Dancing Dragon Mask in Sekiro players will need to find three pieces – the left, right and Dragon fragments.

The right piece can be found at the Hirata Estate where Pot Noble Harunaga is selling this mask piece for 7 Sekiro Treasure Carp scales.

You will find the vendor in the river that’s near the beginning of the area.

If you’re struggling to spot the seller then find the big bridge that’s near the start of the Dragonspring.

Look directly to the right of it and you’ll find a small island in the distance – swim there to locate pot.


The next piece you’ll have to get costs 5,000 gold – so you’ll have to have been saving up to purchase it.

To get the Dragon fragment you need to head Abandoned Dungeon Entrance waypoint idol in Ashina Castle.


The final piece for the Seiko mask can be purchased from Pot Noble Koremori in Fountainhead Palace – the last major area in the game.

To find the vendor, you’ll need to find the gate to open the Palace Grounds waypoint.

From the Palace Grounds idol head into the building and then go back out the gate that was previously locked.

Turn right near the running stream and then look above for a spot to grapple to and then walk into the cave.

You will find a pot vendor at the end of the path in a small area with a waypoint.

There you can buy the final section of the mask for 12 Treasure Carp scales.


Once you get all three parts of the Dancing Dragon Mask the game will automatically complete it for you.

You will be awarded with the Dancing Dragon Mask, which you can’t wield or use in battle.

Instead the Sekiro mask allows you to exchange skill points for attack power in the waypoint menu.

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