Serious Sam 4 Gets New Teaser For A "Cold" DLC

Developer Croteam has dropped a new brief teaser for what seems to be additional content for Serious Sam 4. Judging from what we're shown, Sam Stone will travel to a really chilly place — fans are guessing it might be Russia — to face off a new threat.

In the footage, which you can watch below, Sam is using the small boat to reach some distant territory, filled with snow, ice, and even abandoned ships. "Man, it's cold," he says, "but nothing warms me more than kicking ass." That pretty much sounds like Sam "Serious" Stone, if you had any doubts.

The new teaser didn't provide any exact information about the potential upcoming DLC or its setting. There are mountains and forests on the horizon, although these don't make it much easier to guess where Sam ended up in his latest adventure. However, some fans suspect the expansion might be related to The Refinery — a previously leaked level set in Russia, which was cut from the original Serious Sam 4 for various reasons.

A video on The Refinery appeared online in September. According to the leaker, the level was originally the 14th chapter in the game and was almost completely finished. There's fully voice-acted dialogue, working scripts, and everything you can probably expect from a shipped game. It is possible that the team decided to expand the content and launch it later as DLC with a separate story.

Croteam and publisher Devolver Digital haven't confirmed the leak before, nor did they provide any additional information about the new mysterious teaser. Looks like all we have to do is wait for an official announcement. Though it's safe to assume that players will get new deadly weapons and plenty of bizarre alien enemies to eliminate.

If you haven't played Serious Sam 4 yet, now is probably the best time to experience this high-octane first-person shooter. The game launched on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on December 7 — and is already available via Xbox Game Pass.

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