Shadow Of The Tomb Raider: How To Find The Secret Crypt

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is full of puzzles for Lara Croft to decipher, but one of the most intriguing comes near the end of the game when Lara and Jonah arrive in San Juan. This guide is light on spoilers, but make sure you have reached the Mission of San Juan area in the campaign before reading it.

To stop Trinity from bringing the end of the world, Lara and Jonah must get to the sacred box of Ix Chel first. The Sacred Box of Ix Chel is supposedly buried in this Crypt by a Christian missionary name Andres Lopez. Finding this Crypt is part of the main story and is part of a campaign mission. To open the secret Crypt, Lara must bust open some walls and decipher some icon paintings. This puzzle is not too hard, but it can still be a pain trying to find every piece needed to find the entrance.

Where Is The Secret Crypt in Mission of San Juan?

The Secret Crypt is a puzzle in the main story of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. After you arrive in the Mission of San Juan, Jonah will want to explore the Library with Lara. Inside the library is a small puzzle that Lara needs to solve to enter the secret Crypt. This Crypt is unmissable, so you will have no trouble finding the library in San Juan. This puzzle is not part of the open world and can only happen during this mission. Lara will find the Library with Jonah in the northern part of the Mission of San Juan area.

How To Open The Crypt?

After the cutscene that plays once you enter the library, go right into the main section of the library. Stay on the main floor.

Look at the golden mural on the wall with the Heron and eclipse. Then look to the right of the room.

You will notice a large crack in the wall, so go up to it and break it open.

Lara will remark, “And under his wings, you may seek refuge.”

Afterward, go upstairs.

Upstairs, head to the opposite side of the second floor from the stairs. Over there, you will notice another crack in the walls.

Bust open this wall to expose another mural.

Lara will remark, “The sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light.”

Lara will connect these two Bible quotes to the heron and moon mural downstairs. Go to the Heron and Moon mural on the main level.

Once again, have Lara break open this wall.

Doing so will expose a new mural with the signs of the cross. This mural will hint that Lara needs to find a cross in the library.

Head over to the other room across from the mural on the main level.

Break the wall with the painting of Jesus nailed to the cross.

Breaking down this wall will expose a big jeweled cross. Lara and Jonah will lift the cross onto a wall brace that opens the entrance to the Crypt.

That is all you need to do to open the secret Crypt in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Now get that sacred box and save the world!

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