Shadows Over Loathing: 6 Beginner Tips

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  • Frequently Visit Areas
  • Interact With Everything
  • Wander A Lot
  • Don't Be Stingy With Combat Items
  • Choose A Primary Stat
  • Use Crafting Stations Often

Stick figures may be simple, but they can go on epic journeys as they do in Shadows Over Loathing. Playing as a custom character in search of their uncle after receiving a distressing letter, this game is a mix of turn-based and RPG. There's a surprising amount of content in every single area you manage to explore with a huge roster of enemies standing in your way.

Thankfully, you won't be alone the whole time and will be able to develop powers and strengths of your own to fight back. However, the gameplay can take some getting used to so here are some tips to get you started.

Frequently Visit Areas

Though save points still exist in some games, others have abandoned them entirely for the autosave feature. Shadows Over Loathing is one of them, but it isn't the clearest. The way saving works in this game is that your position is saved the moment you enter a new area or a building within an area.

Considering that battles can take a lot out of you if you lose and certain decisions can lock you out of things, it's best to move between areas to save frequently. Although it doesn't work for decisions, if you're not happy with how a battle is going, you can turn off the game to restart the area.

Interact With Everything

XP is a staple of RPG games, and Shadows Over Loathing uses it in an uncommon way. Whenever you earn XP, it acts as a currency that accumulates on your character screen that you can put towards different stat boosts and skills.

However, random battles aren't the most consistent ways to grind, so you should spend time interacting with everything in the hopes of earning small batches of XP. They may seem small, but areas hold many points of interest that will allow you to build up XP reserves quickly.

Wander A Lot

Once you get access to the overworld map, you'll notice that there aren't a lot of areas to visit. In order to unlock them, you can find special items that reveal locations, or you can wander. On the map screen, you have the option to 'Wander', which has your character walk randomly until they encounter an event. These can be quite varied, ranging from battles to meeting unusual NPCs.

They can also let you discover new areas by chance, which will instantly add them to your map to explore at your leisure. If you don't feel like looking for location items, wandering will unlock plenty of new areas and net you good rewards.

Don't Be Stingy With Combat Items

Shadows Over Loathing combat can seem quite generous, but that's because enemies can be very difficult. Speed is determined at random, so there's always a chance that the enemy side can lay into you before you even make a move. Early on you'll only have a limited amount of AP to make additional moves before you attack which is why Combat Items are so handy.

You're able to use one item per turn and since Combat Items can do a lot from severely reducing stats to summoning additional allies, don't hold back on them. Once you get into your groove, you'll find these items frequently and can even make your own, so don't worry about wasting them.

Choose A Primary Stat

Even though there are only three main stats for your character, all of them can have a significant impact based on their value. You'll find a lot of stat-boosting equipment and temporary buffs to give you extra points, but you shouldn't spread yourself too thin.

Choose one stat that most suits how you'd like to play and tailor your character towards that using level-ups and certain accessories. The reason for this is that your attack damage is highly dependent on one of the three stats, and you'll want the strongest attack for average fights.

Use Crafting Stations Often

A trait that Shadows Over Loathing shares with other epic RPGs is just how many items it gives you. You'll gather small items and duplicates of gear frequently, but even more common will be materials you get from interactions and enemies. These come into play at the various Crafting Stations.

These stations appear throughout the game and let you make Potions, Combat Items, and even Familiars. You should these them whenever you get a chance since they'll provide you with a huge range of useful items while cleaning out your overburdened inventory at the same time.

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