Shiny Ferroseed Event Comes To Pokémon GO, But Only In A Certain Region

It looks like certain Pokémon GO players are in for a treat, as Mexican 7-Eleven stores announced a special event featuring shiny Ferroseed.

Shiny-hunting has become one of the key goals of playing Pokémon GO. The game does have a competitive battle league for those who like to invest, but the casual player won’t stack up against battle-bred teams. The thrill of “beating” RNG to get a Pokémon with a different color palette, though, that’s something anyone can easily get in on. This extends to hardcore fans as well – the odds of finding shinies is much more favorable than it is in the core Pokémon games. Soon players will also be able to transfer their Pokémon GO shinies to their Sword & Shield collection.

With shinies being so coveted, people take notice when a new one is released. Such is the case when fans pointed to a new promotion being advertised by 7-Eleven in Mexico. It seems that customers who spend at least $150 pesos at a Mexican 7-Eleven and register on the store’s official app will get an exclusive ticket. This ticket is redeemable for a Pokémon GO event on November 7 (get it?) that features Special Research, Unown “S” and “E,” and the debut of shiny Ferroseed.

No similar event has been announced for 7-Eleven stores outside of Mexico. However, it’s worth noting that when a shiny comes to Pokémon GO, it tends to just appear in the game as a whole. Developer Niantic either can’t, or doesn’t want to, lock the ability to for a Pokémon species to be shiny to a certain region. During Japan-exclusive events in the past, the featured shiny Pokémon have still appeared worldwide. They just don’t have the boosted spawn rate they get in the event area. So it’s likely Ferroseed will have a chance to be shiny everywhere starting on November 7.

Niantic is currently celebrating its 5th anniversary as a company. Last weekend saw a special Pokémon GO event where fans could get items to celebrate the milestone. For the rest of October, players can get an Ash hat Pikachu, find Charmander during the October 17 Community Day, and participate in the still-vague Halloween event.

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