Shipment Of Rare Goku Action Figures Potentially Lost At Sea

An ultra-rare Goku figurine just got became even more valuable an entire shipment was caught out in a bad storm that compromised the cargo. Customers were informed that the figures would be arriving late, or possibly not at all, depending on the severity of the damage.

Kotaku reported today that a shipment of Ultra Instinct Sign Goku figures traveling from Japan was caught in a violent storm just northwest of Hawaii on November 30. The storm caused the ship to roll. dislodging 1,800 containers, possibly including the container that held the figures. The ship has since returned to port in Japan to assess the damage.

Purchasers of the figure were informed of the incident via email this week.  According to the email, “We are currently waiting to hear about the container’s status from the authority, and we’ll announce any shipping information as soon as it’s available.” The email also states that it will take several weeks or possibly more than a month before all of the damage can be properly assessed.

The Ultra Instinct Sign Goku figures were sold in two separate batches. They were first available online via the Premium Bandai shop earlier this year. The pre-orders sold out almost instantly, so a second round of pre-orders was eventually offered. This made-to-order second batch is the one that was caught out in the storm, so anyone who pre-ordered during the first batch should have no problem receiving them.

The container ship, called the One Apus, may have lost up to $200 million worth of cargo. Photos tweeted after the storm show a massive pile of containers that have clearly been toppled over. Luckily, no one was seriously injured during the incident. Other Dragon Ball character figures were shipped alongside the Goku statue, including Omen Goku, Kid Goku, and several Androids. The container may have also contained a number of Marvel figures.

The Goku was already a limited edition collector’s item, but this loss is sure to make it an even more valuable — and infamous — collectible.

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