ShopTo Has Cancelled Some PS5 Pre-Orders Following Instruction From Sony

Online video game retailer ShopTo has had to cancel a number of PS5 pre-orders after receiving new allocation guidelines from Sony, meaning that several people who successfully managed to pre-order a next-gen console will have said orders rescinded.

The news comes from a recent report published by Eurogamer, wherein details of an email sent to ShopTo customers were shared.

“We have received the allocation details from Sony and, unfortunately, we regret to inform you that we will not be able to fulfil your pre-order on day one/release date,” the email reads.

“Sony may notify us of additional stock with extra allocation for day one and you have already reserved your place in the queue,” the email continues. “Some customers may cancel their pre-orders and that may allow yours to be next in line.”

ShopTo boss Igor Cipolletta spoke to Eurogamer about the fiasco, noting that the retailer never specifically took pre-orders in the first place — instead, customers were asked to register their interest, before being offered a window within which to confirm or cancel their pre-order. Shortly after this window closed, ShopTo was instructed by Sony to notify its customers that not all pre-orders would be satisfied on day one.

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At present, ShopTo says it is only targeting people who placed multiple pre-orders, or prospective customers who failed to confirm their interest during the allocated window.

“If a customer has missed both messages and are disappointed we understand their frustration, but it was never our intention to disappoint them,” Cipolletta told Eurogamer. “We value their custom as always.”

This comes in the wake of PS5 pre-orders going live in countries all over the world with little to no notice, causing many people to miss out on their opportunity to lock in a next-gen console at launch. Sony apologized for its mishandling of the situation shortly after fans complained online, promising to deliver more consoles in future windows, but this development appears to stand in direct contrast to that.

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