Sifu – How To Unlock The Private Room Door

Although you might at first assume that Sifu is a simplistic kung fu brawler, you couldn't be more wrong. Not only is it as hard as nails, but it has several elements that require you to replay it with knowledge and items you've earned from previous runs.

One great example of this is the Private Room door in the game's first level, The Squats. When you first run into it you're going to find that it's locked and even if you pick up every single item in the first level, you're not going to have a clue how to open the door. Here's how to solve the mystery.

How To Unlock The Squat's Private Room Door In Sifu

Every single detective board in Sifu is linked. That means that items you find in other levels will carry back other to ones you've previously visited, or ones in the future. None of the items you find in the Squats will work on the greenhouse door. Instead, you're going to have to wait until the game's final level, The Sanctuary.

But first of all, you're going to need to find Keycard 206. This card will unlock a door in The Sanctuary, which you'll need to find a key. To find Keycard 207 you'll need to reach the same area in the first level where you find the door itself. The Keycard can be found just before the first level's final boss, next to some small bags.

Once you've done this, you're going to need to get to The Sanctuary, the game's final level. As you progress through the Sanctuary, you'll run into lots of strong enemies. You'll eventually find the living quarters, where two strong enemies will attack you downstairs. Once you've beaten them, go upstairs to take on some more enemies and look for a room. You're looking for room 206, which you can unlock with Keycard 206.

This is Fajar's room, AKA the game's first boss. Look at the TV and you'll find the Flower's Key sitting waiting for you to collect. This is the key you'll need to get into the Private Room Door in The Squats. Go all the way back there and unlock it using the key.

Once you've done this, you'll gain access to the room where one final clue for that level's detective board will lay. It's a picture of Fajar's father and taking it should unlock the "Detective Story" trophy, provided you've found every other clue in the level.

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