Skull & Bones And Riders Republic In-Game Events Will Address Environmental Issues

Ubisoft has partnered with the UN Environment Programme to spread awareness of climate issues. As part of the Playing for the Planet Alliance – a group of studios brought together by this common goal – Ubisoft will be introducing events in two of its games to help spread the message, Riders Republic and the upcoming Skull & Bones.

As reported by Axios, for Riders Republic, Ubisoft has revealed that it will attempt to promote "strategies to reduce wildfire frequency and size as well as have an emotional impact on players regarding the consequences of wildfires."

There will be no promotion for the event. Instead, players will have to suddenly face the harsh reality once they enter the game. A forest-laden part of the map, towards the edge, will be inaccessible because of a forest fire. Due to this, the sky will turn orange and the rest of the map will be covered in a smokey fog. Players' avatars will also be equipped with gas masks by default, in order to protect them from the unbreathable air caused by the wildfires.

Players will be tasked with ensuring that the Sequoias aren't completely reduced to ash. They will do so by identifying flammable areas via the game's photo mode, which will "display real-life data automatically integrated into players’ photos in these areas, including the size of past wildfires, projection of future ones, “fragility” level".

As for Ubisoft's pirate simulator, Skull & Bones, the issue of overfishing will be addressed via a live event. "Our first activation will address resource exploitation, showing what happens in the game world and the real world when the demand for sharks’ fins results in the overfishing of sharks," said Ubisoft. "Players will have the choice to contribute to marine wildlife protection and comprehend the destructive nature of the shark fin trade."

"This first activation will be one of the seasonal live events in the game, designed to show and encourage collaboration, and instill in players the importance of raising awareness," continues the statement. "As players contribute to community challenges, rewards will be unlocked for all players depending on the overall level of participation."

Outside its games, Ubisoft plans to collaborate with relevant NGOs in these areas as well.

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