Sky: Children Of The Light To Connect 4,000 Players In Aurora Virtual Concert

Sky: Children of the Light has just announced its first virtual concert. Norwegian sensation Aurora will put on a 45-minute concert that "promises to be revolutionary," connecting over 4,000 players to share the same screen at the same time.

"This first-of-its-kind virtual performance propels the vision of in-game concerts forward, redefining what is possible through unparalleled music, storytelling and interactivity," writes Sky developer Thatgamecompany in its press release. Fans will be a "key part of the performance" as Aurora puts on digital renditions of hit songs including "Exhale, Inhale," "Runaway," "All is Soft," "Warrior," "The Seed," and more.

Although few details were shared, Thatgamecomapny's promise of being "first of its kind" seems like it might be a little late. In-game concerts have already been a thing for quite a while, with perhaps the best example being Fortnite's various virtual concerts. Sky: Children Of The Light might change the virtual concert formula somewhat by allowing for a far greater degree of interactivity than merely watching a singer put on a show.

The concert is scheduled to begin December 8. Expect a more specific time to be provided as we get closer to the date.

For those who haven't given Sky: Children Of The Light a try, it's an open-world RPG with a hefty focus on social elements. Don't expect any combat from the same folks that brought us Journey and Flower, but do expect some pretty heavy environmental storytelling. You play as a Child of Light that's tasked with returning the fallen stars to their rightful places in the constellations. Along the way, you'll explore an ancient civilization across seven unique realms, speaking to spirits and gathering candles to unlock cosmetics like emotes, capes, and more.

Sky: Children Of The Light is a mobile game with in-app purchases, but it also got ported to Switch back in the summer of 2021. Sky is scheduled to arrive on PlayStation in December, although we still don't have an exact date. A virtual concert would be a great way to invite a whole bunch of new PlayStation players to give Sky a try, though.

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