Skyblivion Modders Release Four-Hour Long Gameplay Video

Skyblivion may have been in development for some time and will continue to be for another few years, but it is a big undertaking when you consider the team is made up of non-professional developers and volunteers. Yes, this is the project that seeks to remake the entirety of Oblivion in the Skyrim engine. The roots of the project may be a decade old but in the past couple of years things have accelerated.

Recently, the Skyblivion team announced that the game has a release date, with the aim being 2025 or even earlier depending how much help they can get. But in further evidence of the project's progression the team also streamed a huge gameplay video that spanned 4.5 hours (via PC Gamer). For avid Elder Scrolls fan it's a treat to watch.

The stream is still available to watch (embedded below) and shows a four-hour gameplay demo and features a Q&A with the team chatting about the progress of the project, what they've been working on, and what more is needed.

Featuring quests and errands Oblivion fans might well remember, the gameplay video shows off recognisable parts of the 17-year-old game but looking that much more visually impressive since it is being rendered in the Skyrim engine. Viewers will spot Leyawiin as well as the Realm of Peryite, where the Daedric Prince of pestilence has you journeying to bring back the souls of his followers.

This realm has not been so faithfully recreated but instead has been made more true to the character of the Lord of Abundant Pus and Bountiful Vomit. Rather than a generic volcanic look, with red sky and lava, Realm of Peryite now features more of a sickly looking green. It's an indication of the artistry that has gone into the remake, with the team making thoughtful alterations as they recreate the original using the more modern engine.

"This mod is extremely impressive on its own but I was especially surprised when you showed the forests around Chorrol, the detail in the forests/environment is mind blowing," read one comment under the YouTube video. "If you keep up that quality in all the other cities/surrounding areas then we are truly looking at a masterpiece in the making."

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