Skyrim: How To Gain Ownership Of Frost

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Getting around Skyrim is often a battle itself, simply due to the fact that the region is large and full of dangerous enemies that may attack you and your companions at a moment's notice. There are many ways to get around Skyrim quickly, including fast travel, carriage rides, and even owning your own steed.

If you want to acquire a horse for yourself but don't want to pay up to 1,000 septims for the service, Frost is the perfect option since you can own him free of charge by completing a quest in Riften.

Who Is Frost?

Frost is one of the three unique horses in Skyrim. Although Frost isn't nearly as powerful as Shadowmere in terms of pure stats, he's still much more useful than the average horse. Frost offers 562 HP and 148 Stamina, which is more than you'll get with a stable horse.

Outside of stats, Frost also attacks enemies more often in combat. Pair this with the fact that Frost is a beautiful steed with a unique name, and it's clear that he's one of the best options for your horse in Skyrim, especially if you don't want to join the Dark Brotherhood.

How To Gain Ownership Of Frost

Gaining ownership of Frost is more complicated than simply buying him from a stable, but since you can acquire him for free, it's worthwhile to do so if you don't already have a steed companion. Here are the steps you need to take to gain ownership of Frost.

Travel To Riften

Before you can start the quest involving Frost, you'll need to travel to the city of Riften, which is in the southeastern section of Skyrim. There are numerous ways to get to the city, including walking by foot or buying a carriage ride from one of the carriages outside of any major city in Skyrim, which is the fastest way to get there.

There's a carriage outside the walls of Whiterun, which is the easiest method of getting to Riften after leaving Helgen. Carriage rides to Riften only cost 20 septims, so you should be capable of affording it regardless of your wealth.

How To Complete "Promises To Keep"

Upon entering Riften, you need to walk over to and enter The Bee And Barb, a tavern in the center of the town. Inside, you'll find a man named Louis Letrush standing by the main entrance. Speak to him and accept his task to visit Sibbi at the Riften Jail. You'll now find a quest marker pointing you towards the prison.

Before you can speak to Sibbi, you'll need to persuade or bribe the guard near the entrance to the prison, depending on the level of your Speech skill. Speak to Sibbi in his jail cell, and he'll explain Frost's backstory, in which he tells you that the horse belongs to his family and shares the location where you can retrieve his papers of ownership.

Additionally, you'll gain a key to a stash inside the Black-Briar Lodge from Sibbi, granting an optional objective to retrieve the items once you enter the building. If you want to have an easy way of gaining ownership of Frost after retrieving his papers, converse with Maven Black-Briar in Riften before you visit the Black-Briar Lodge. Maven walks around the streets of Riften during the day.

Travel to the Black-Briar Lodge via the quest marker on your map, the location is outside the walls of Riften, but you won't encounter any mighty enemies on your way there, although a dragon may spawn depending on how far you've made it in the main questline.

There will be up to three mercenaries outside the Black-Briar Lodge, so you'll need to defeat them before entering through the front entrance. Alternatively, you can enter through a basement door on the west side of the Black-Briar Lodge. The final method you can use to enter is killing the character on the guard tower behind the lodge, then using the key to enter through the northern door by sneaking.

Upon entering the Black-Briar Lodge, you need to make your way to the downstairs level and pick Frost's papers up from a box; your quest marker will point to the correct container. You may encounter guards inside the building, but you can sneak past them if you're careful, although killing them is also an option.

Once you have Frost's papers in your inventory, exit the lodge through any of the doors and find Frost near the stables. Get on Frost and follow your quest marker to Letrush nearby while riding the steed. Speak to him and choose one of the following options.

You can give Frost to Letrush and accept a small payment for the job, but if you wish to keep ownership of Frost, you'll need to persuade or kill him. Either of these options is equally viable.

Killing him is the most straightforward method for gaining Frost, but if you don't want to commit in-game murder, you'll need to persuade him through traditional means or by threatening to tell Maven Black-Briar about the scheme. However, you'll need to have spoken to Maven Black-Briar before stealing Frost's papers to gain access to this option.

Regardless of the method you choose, you'll now have access to Frost, and he can act as your main steed during your adventures across Skyrim.

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