Skyrim Mod Lets You Tuck In Sleepy Nords

The nights – and days – in Skyrim are frigid and frost tinged, with only the hardiest able to survive. Even the regions warmer southern regions are cold as a horker tusk. So, why then do none of the residents of the harsh province actually slip under their covers when they go to bed? This mod doesn't have an answer, but it does make sure they're tucked in all snuggly-wuggly-like.

Use Those Blankets, created by JaySerpa is available to download now on Nexus Mods. The mod comes with both player and NPC support, and states NPCs "will no longer be sleeping on top of the bedroll like complete dimwits." Harsh but fair words from, JaySerpa there.

There's nothing better than getting tucked into a nice warm bed after a long hard day of killing and pillaging ancient Nord ruins, and now you finally can. If you want, that is. "While you're lying down, press T (or whatever key you have for waiting) and the blanket will pop up. Pressing "W" (or forward key) will make the blanket disappear. (This is only for the player, NPCs use the blankets automatically)."

There shouldn't be any hit to performance or anything like that, as this is just a spell that activates when NPCs are sleeping and you the player is waiting. You have to use the Go To Bed mod as well to see yourself sleep under a blanket.

JaySerpa very honestly admits that "The meshes are ugly. No, really. They are very bad. Don't look at them up close." This is because "I have 0 knowledge in 3D modelling (or any modelling lol) so I did what I could. I basically butchered vanilla assets until they looked sort of like a blanket. It's, errr… acceptable perhaps… you know… from a distance."

So, if you want your Dragonborn and NPCs all cosy when they sleep, use this mod but don't get all up in their faces, you weirdo. Just let them have their beauty rest.

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