Skyrim Player Captures Real Arrow In The Knee Moment

A Skyrim player has captured the stuff of legends – their very own arrow to the knee moment.

Skyrim is easily one of the most influential and iconic games out there. Hell, it launched back in 2011 and yet we still talk about it pretty much every week. Beyond its expansive world and detailed RPG gameplay that let you do pretty much whatever you want, it's also pretty well known for how many memes and in-jokes it has spawned over the years.

Whether it's wares for coins from Khajits or being smacked into the sky by a giant's club, there are a ton of instantly recognisable moments and jokes from Skyrim. However, there's none as famous as taking an arrow to the knee. One of the idle lines of dialogue that NPC guards will occasionally say is, "I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee".

The line is heard so much that it instantly became a meme across gaming and nerd culture. Despite how often it's said by guards, it's not actually seen all that much, making the rare occasion when it does happen a legendary one. That is exactly what has happened to Redditor Coyotl_the_k, who shared an image of their character on the Skyrim subreddit with an arrow directly through the knee, saying, "I was done defending whiterun from early vampire attack when… This happened."

As you'd expect from the Skyrim subreddit, it instantly saw a ton of upvotes and rose to the top of the page, as the community took to the comments to say lines like, "Looks like your days of adventures are over", "Guard duty for you from now on…", and "Do you unlock the: Join the Whiterun guard mission after this?"

Even if it's just a funny coincidence, it's heart-warming to see the still incredibly active Skyrim community band around an in-joke and celebrate whenever it ends up happening again. It's just a shame to see a Dragonborn retire so early.

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