Skyrim Players Share Their Most Unpopular Opinions

Skyrim's popularity may have been pretty much unwavering since its intial launch way back in 2011, but that doesn't mean it's perfect. In fact, fans have been sharing their most unpopular Skyrim opinions over on the game's official subreddit, detailing certain parts of the game that they either loved but others didn't, or find annoying and pointless.

For example, Redditor NoVa_Statehood has a pretty lenghty list of opinions that the majority of Skyrim fans may not agree with, the most controversial likely being the statement "a majority of shouts are useless." To be fair, they kind of have a point. Skyrim bombards you with new words for shouts you've used very little if at all. Why bother using a flame shout when nine times out of ten you can just scream your opponent off of the top of mountain and be done with it.

Another unpopular opinion that actually features quite a lot is a few Skyrim fans declaring their love for the Daedric quest in which players clear out a shrine full of the undead for Meridia. Fans mainly seem to have an issue with how you actually start the quest, having to randomly encounter Meridia's Beacon and then have her booming voice scare the living daylights out of you. However, several fans in the subreddit claim they actually like the quest as you get Dawnbreaker as a reward, a magical Daedric sword that can do a fair bit of damage.

Back to complaints now though, as Redditor Jan_Itor_MD_ explains that they actually despise on of the game's biggest selling points – battling with dragons. While most folk who play Skyrim will probably relish the opportunity to take on a dragon, Jan_Itor_MD_ thinks that the fights are simply too annoying to be enjoyable, and that important NPCs like blacksmiths and shopkeepers can ended up getting themselves killed if a dragon picks a fight with you in a village.

There are opinions on pretty much everything from class systems to guild locations, but at least there's one thing that pretty much everyone definitely agrees on. Imperials over Stormcloaks.

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