Skyrim: Trinity Restored Quest Walkthrough

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The Thieves Guild in Skyrim is a band of criminals operating out of Riften. While visiting the town, you will get a chance to join this guild after completing a variety of side quests. One of these quests that you complete is Trinity Restored.

Trinity Restored tasks you with joining the Nightingales, a group within the Thieves Guild that protects the shrines of Nocturnal, the patron of the thieves. In this guide, we are going to go over how to complete Trinity Restored, as well as what rewards you will receive upon completion. First, let's take a look at quests that you will need to complete beforehand.

Prerequisites To Complete

Prior to starting Trinity Restored, you will need to complete the following quests in the Thieves Guild questline.

Quest NameNPC To Speak With
A Chance ArrangementBrynjolf

  • Located in Riften
    • in the town square
Taking Care of BusinessBrynjolf

  • Located in Riften
    • in The Ragged Flagon
Loud and ClearBrynjolf

  • Located in Riften
    • in The Ragged Flagon
Dampening SpiritsMaven Black-Briar

  • Located in Riften
    • in The Bee and Barb or Black-Briar Meadery
Scoundrel's FollyMercer Frey

  • Located in Riften
    • in The Ratway
Speaking With SilenceMercer Frey

  • Snow Viel Sanctum
    • southeast of Winterhold
Hard AnswersKarliah

  • Snow Viel Sanctum
    • southeast of Winterhold
The PursuitKarliah

  • Located in Riften
    • in The Ragged Flagon

Accepting Trinity Restored

After completing The Pursuit, you will automatically acquire Trinity Restored from Brynjolf, with your first task being to speak with Karliah.

To start this quest, head to The Ragged Flagon and talk with Karliah. She will tell you about plans to execute Mercer since he betrayed the Thieves Guild. Here you will learn about the Nightingales and she will tell you and Brynjolf to meet her at the Standing Stone, a large rock south of Riften. This stone also serves at the headquarters for the Nightingales.

Note: Players have reported a bug at this point in the quest. If you wait too long to speak with Karliah at the Standing Stone, she will return back to Riften and you will not be able to finish this quest. It's best to complete this quest quickly so no bugs occur.

What Are The Nightingales?

As mentioned earlier, the Nightingales are a group within the Thieves Guild tasked with protecting Nocturnal. Not much is known about the group, but many believe that it is made up to scare members of the Thieves Guild. Through Trinity Restored, you learn that this is not true and the group is real.

Nightingale Hall

Now that you know of the headquarters, also called the Nightingale Hall, you will need to go inside and complete a ceremony to become a Nightingale.

To do this, enter into the hall, activate the armor stone, and acquire the Nightingale armor set. Be sure to equip the armor set, and then rejoin Karliah and Brynjolf. Karliah will tell you of the Nightingale Oath and ceremony, giving you the option to refuse joining the group. Although you do have the option to refuse, you will need to accept if you wish to continue on with the Thieves Guild questline.

Nightingale Ceremony

The ceremony to become a Nightingale is pretty straightforward. Stand on an empty glyph symbol alongside Karliah and Brynjolf while Nocturnal speaks and allows you to become a Nightingale. Afterward, Karliah will inform you of the true crime that Mercer has committed, which is pretty serious. Additionally, Brynjolf will ask if you want to become the leader of the Thieves Guild after completing the questline. After this conversation, the quest is complete and you will begin Blindsighted, which requires you to head to Irkngthand.

Rewards For Completing Trinity Restored

The armor that you equip during the ceremony serves as the reward for Trinity Restored. As with other pieces of armor, you will be able to increase the stats of this set. The armor set consists of the following items.

Nightingale Armor PieceLevel 1-18 StatsLevel 19-31 StatsLevel 32+ Stats
Chest Piece
  • Stamina increase by 20 points
  • Frost Resistance increase by 15%
  • Stamina increase by 30 points
  • Frost Resistance increase by 30%
  • Stamina increase by 40 points
  • Frost Resistance increase by 50%
  • Increased Stealth by 0.25 points (muffles sound)
  • Increased Stealth by 0.5 points
  • Increased Stealth by 35 points
  • Lockpicking becomes 15% easier
  • One-handed attacks do 15% more damage
  • Lockpicking becomes 20% easier
  • One-handed attacks do 20% more damage
  • Lockpicking becomes 25% easier
  • One-handed attacks do 25% more damage
  • Illusion spells cost 12% less Magicka to cast
  • Illusion spells cost 15% less Magicka to cast
  • Illusion spells cost 17% less Magicka to cast

That's all there is to know about the Trinity Restored quest. With this quest complete, you nearly finished with the questline for the Thieves Guild.

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