Skyward Sword Boss Guide: Bilocyte

Despite how much focus the game places on flying throughout the sky, the Loftwing is one of the most underutilized mechanics in Skyward Sword. Flying just doesn’t have the same depth as horseback riding or even sailing and very few in-game set pieces actually make use of your Loftwing in a meaningful sense. Which also has the unfortunate consequence of leaving you unprepared when Skyward Sword suddenly starts demanding some semblance of competent flight on your part.

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Before you can begin the Song of the Hero quest that transitions Skyward Sword into its last act, you need to meet Levias and kill the Bilocyte that’s driving the Great Spirit mad. After bringing an offering of Pumpkin Soup to the Thunderhead, you’ll need to ride your Loftwing straight into battle to subdue the parasite that’s eating away at Levias. While the boss itself isn’t too long, the fact you need to use your Loftwing at all is a massive change of pace that’s bound to throw some audiences off.

Phase 1

As soon as you leave the Pumpkin Soup and Levias appears, jump off the floating island you’re on and call your Loftwing. Reposition yourself so you’re facing Levias as he’s flying away from you. There will be four tentacles coming out of his body with eyeballs attached – use the Spiral Charge attack to rip through the eyes with your Loftwing. If you’re still not used to Skyward Sword’s flight controls, position yourself above Levias so you can dive bomb towards him and then use a Spiral Charge facing the eye you want to pop.

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The key is to keep your Wiimote steady and to only use a Spiral Charge when you’re actually in position. This might take some trial and error, but Levias’ flight pattern is simple enough to keep up with. You’ll mainly need to be on the lookout for other enemies hovering around, but just try to dodge them, never engage. Your focus should be on killing all of Levias’ parasites. Once all four eyes are popped, fly above Levias himself and then drop onto his back.

Phase 2

After subduing the eyes on Levias, you’ll start the actual fight against Bilocyte. Fortunately, you’re playing as just Link this time. Bilocyte will shoot a green ball of bile at you that you’ll need to swing into his open wings. Once both wings have been damaged, you’ll be able to fire the bile back into Bilocyte’s eye to drop him. With Bilocyte stunned, you can run up and deal some damage with your sword.

Repeat this cycle one more time for Bilocyte to start shifting up his pattern. After you clip his wings three separate times, Bilocyte will move his head left and right to avoid your bile deflections. You’ll need to quickly react to where Bilocyte has moved to deal damage. After a few counterattacks, Bilocyte will die and Levias will be purified.

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Master Override and Expunge to earn this solo-friendly title.

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