Smash Bros Ultimate character teased by ‘verified’ industry leaker

Super Smash Bros is getting ready to drop it's fifth and final DLC character on Thursday and fans are rightly excited to learn which Character will be making their way to the Switch's incredible fighting game.

Switch owners interested to know more should set aside some free time on Thursday, January 16, with the Nintendo Direct style stream scheduled to begin from 2pm, GMT.

Unfortunately for fans of Smash Bros in the United States, this means tuning in at 6am, PT.

But given the secrecy to which Nintendo has managed to keep the next character under wraps, we suspect the next character is going to pretty damn cool.

Thankfully as well, we should be seeing plenty of new gameplay for the character, with a Nintendo message confirming that fans will have 35 glorious minutes to watch.

The full message reads:“Join Super Smash Bros Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai on 1/16 at 6am PT for a roughly 35 minute video livestream featuring an in-depth look at an upcoming DLC fighter, which he will unveil in the video.”

Who is Smash Bros DLC fighter 5?

Ah yes, the question on everyone's minds right now.

Well, for starters, it seems almost nailed down that the next character for the game will be from a third-party studio as that is the path the game has taken up until now.

So you can put a pin in those dreams of seeing Waluigi or some other Nintendo IP showing up.

Fans will know that the Fighter Pass began with Persona 5’s Joker. A leftfield choice when it was revealed some months back.

But as mentioned in a rather fantastic report by Metro , former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has previously intimated that characters such as joker were ’emblematic’ of Smash’s approach to DLC.

Because of this, attempting to pin down precisely which character could join the game is incredibly tricky.

After all, in the past we've heard that everyone from Crash Bandicoot to DOOM guy could be jumping into the game next.

If what Fils-Aime has said is true for all characters in the DLC, then the pandora's box is well and truly open. Anyone is a contender.

That being said, there's been notably more news revolving around Capcom related characters.

In fact, last week, Capcom's Matt Walker, a producer from the Devil May Cry team, sent out a video detailing more information about the upcoming port of Devil May Cry 3 on the Nintendo Switch.

To add fuel to the fire, Brian Hanford (known for voicing V in Devil May Cry) recently revealed he loves the Super Smash Bros series and is an active Ultimate player.

Hanford talks about how much he'd like to be in the series, but sadly hasn't had the opportunity since he's a new character… but that another, more mascot-worthy character could be coming to the fighter.

“To be part of Marvel vs Capcom or Super Smash Bros would be huge, which is what Dante is going to be,” the actor seemed to suggest in a podcast.

Equally, Viewtiful Joe, Phoenix Wright from Ace Attorney and even Amaterasu from Okami have been name-dropped.

There's also been mention of Resident Evil characters, but we think that's perhaps a longshot with Capcom arguably not wanting to muddy the waters with Resident Evil 3 out soon.

Throughout today there's also been lots of conversation about who Nintendo could unveil, and there's one new leak that's well worth considering.

It comes via @New_WabiSabi , who is a known quantity in the games industry and has leaked accurate information previously.

Sabi has pointed fans towards a new piece of info from a Resetera user, who clearly Sabi trusts.

"I would trust Zippo. Nothing he’s said has conflicted with my deconfirmations, and he’s been a pretty honest friend." Sabi wrote on Twitter.

"For those unfamiliar, he’s been verified to share some things on Era, and mentioned some smash teases today."

"For those out of the loop, he’s been saying that the character is very related to Nintendo, but not directly, and corroborates that it’s been very under wraps and dangerous to share outright."

It's certainly food for thought, and perhaps swings the possibility of the next character more in favour for someone such as Phoenix Wright, who is largely known from games released on Nintendo platforms.

There's not long to wait, but we anticipate plenty more leaks and rumours in the coming 20 hours.

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