Someone Made A Morbius Reference At Comic-Con And Matt Smith Didn’t Get It

As much as he might want to forget it, Matt Smith played the main antagonist in the double flop 2022 comic book movie, Morbius. In a performance that has been immortalised through shitposting everywhere, Smith gave it his all as Morbius' best mate-turned-baddie, Milo – which involved him dancing shirtless, for some reason. Now, it looks like Smith has been trying to avoid Morbius fever at all costs.

At a San Diego Comic-Con panel promoting House of the Dragon, Smith was, of course, told that it's "Morbing time". Seemingly unaware of what the phrase means, Smith reportedly responded, "It’s what?". And unfortunately for the actor, who probably would have preferred to talk about his role in the upcoming Game of Thrones spinoff, this wasn't the last time he was asked about the film.

According to those who attended the panel, the "it's Morbing time" comment was the first "question" Matt Smith was asked. You know, at the panel that's meant to be about House of the Dragon.

Of course, it didn't end there. Later, Smith was asked if Morbius would survive in Game of Thrones' setting, Westeros. "He’s a vampire so he would struggle with it. I’m glad you watched a completely different movie than I did". Well, that puts that to rest.

These interactions suggest that maybe Smith isn't as obsessed with Morbius as the rest of us. Still, if he has truly dodged all of the memes about it, that's pretty impressive. Through shitposting alone, Morbius "fans" managed to gaslight Sony into re-releasing the movie in cinemas, after its first run failed to amount to much box office success. Amazingly, it flopped again. Fans have since tried to convince Sony they were just "busy that weekend", and to bring it back a third time. It doesn't seem that the studio is taking the bait this time.

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