Someone Made Pokemon’s Pallet Town In Far Cry 5’s Map Editor

Lots of games are getting crossovers these days (Fortnite has a new one almost every week) but one Pokemon fan wanted to see the franchise in a game where you'd least expect it – Far Cry 5. Using the game's fairly deep map editor, Redditor Mojoswoptop has recreated Pallet Town in very impressive detail.

Included in the town is the player's house along with Gary's house as well. Oak's Lab is right where you expect it to be, with each building painstakingly recreated to look as accurate as possible. Granted, Pallet Town doesn't have much to recreate, but it's still an incredibly impressive effort from Mojoswoptop and shows just how detailed you can get with Far Cry 5's map editor.

In the replies to Mojoswoptop's post, they explain that the map took around six hours and that they had to force themselves to stop in order to keep the project from taking up too much time. They are also considering doing a future video showing off the map by hosting a Team Deathmatch there, much to the dismay of Red's mother.

If you'd like to watch the creation of Pallet Town from the beginning, Mojoswoptop also has a YouTube channel where a construction video can be found. Watching from beginning to end definitely showcases the creator's talent, and who knows, hopefully we'll see more Pokemon town recreations in the future.

Pokemon fan art has come in all shapes and forms ever since the franchise began way back in the 90s. More recently we've had some incredibly talented fans create some truly astonishing works of Pokemon-related art. One such example is another Pokemon fan who created a wooden hand-carved statue of Kyogre from Pokemon Sapphire.

Last year we had two fans completely remake Pokemon Platinum from the ground up in Unity, and fan-made Pokemon games sprout up all the time, despite Nintendo's best efforts. As for Mojoswoptop's detailed creation, there's only really one thing we can say. Technology is incredible!

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