Sonic Fans Suspect New Game Takes Place In Adventure Universe

Well, it was bound to happen. Teaser trailers don’t get much more cryptic than the announcement for the next Sonic game, and in the absence of anything concrete, fans will fill in the gaps.

The thing on every fan’s mind right now is what on earth that symbol means. In the way it’s presented in the trailer, it seems like once we’ve cracked that code, we’ll unlock the secrets of the upcoming 3D Sonic title. There’s been no shortage of guesses, but this latest theory could be good news for fans of the Sonic Adventure games.

Two Redditors have shared their theory with fans, highlighting that they believe the symbol references the layout of Mystic Ruins – an iconic location from the first Sonic Adventure.

In the trailer, the symbol is formed from the path Sonic is running in. As you can see in the post above, that path perfectly fits into Mystic Ruin’s map. On top of that, the surroundings are not dissimilar to that of Mystic Ruins, especially when it comes to ancient symbolism. One of the landmarks in the original Mystic Ruins is the ancient echidna architecture, complete with its own symbols. If the next Sonic game is set to include some ancient magic, that certainly doesn’t rule out that it’s taking place in the Sonic Adventure world.

The original post made in r/Sega seems to have fans convinced, and looking forward to the first new Adventure game since 2001. Commenters in r/SonicTheHedgehog were much less convinced however, feeling that this is simply wishful thinking. They highlight that running in loops is hardly a new activity for the blue blur, and that if this was indeed an Adventure game, Sega likely would have revealed that already.

Fortunately for fans, there’s already a fair bit of information on the latest Sonic game in circulation – just not from official channels. As soon as Sega dropped the teaser trailer, fans noticed that it bore a striking resemblance to leaks from last year, in which several people claimed to have tested an open world RPG Sonic title. If the leaks are accurate, we can expect to fight waves of enemies in a mystical setting, and for the game to be titled Sonic Rangers.

The new Sonic game is set to release sometime in 2022, and will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/C, Switch, and PC.

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