Sonic Frontiers Has A Bee Movie Easter Egg

Sonic Frontiers launched a week ago and with multiple open islands to explore, there's probably plenty of stuff still waiting to be discovered. There are even a few things that you might not understand when you do find them, like a tablet you can find while fishing that has a quote from Bee Movie on it.

The cast of the game took over Sonic's Twitter account on Monday in order to field questions about Frontiers, and the mysterious tablet was a topic of conversation. RellSG14 wanted to know what the tablet says as it doesn't appear to be written in a language that exists outside of Sonic's universe. The cast obliged, taking turns to translate the tablet line by line.

Knuckles kicks things off by revealing the first line says, “according to all known laws of aviation,” at which point Shadow cuts in, surprised the echidna is able to read the ancient scripture. “There is no way a hedgehog should be able to run fast,” Tails continues. By this point, if you've seen Bee Movie, you will have likely clocked the easter egg as all Sega has done to the quote is replace the word bee with hedgehog.

“Its quills are too short to get its fat little body off the ground,” Robotnik reads. “The hedgehog, of course, runs fast anyway, because hedgehogs don't care what humans think is impossible,” Sonic adds, bringing the quote to an end. Another tweak by Sega, removing wings and adding quills. Shadow is right to point out it makes no sense as the quote still relates to the ability to fly rather than run fast, but it's still a fun easter egg for those who picked up on it.

Frontiers has enjoyed a pretty great first week since launch, even though it had God Of War Ragnarok to compete with for time and sales. Modders have also already been hard at work tweaking the game. Someone has already created a 4K render of Sonic, and someone else has made a mod that turns Frontiers' Kocos into Among Us crewmates.

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