Sonic Frontiers Has The "Most Amount Of Content Ever Included In A Sonic Game"

Sonic Frontiers seems to have entered its anime redemption arc, with the fanbase having gotten over most of the smaller issues and now eagerly awaiting its launch in November. It looks like all they'll be kept busy when it does release, as Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka has revealed that it has the most content out of any Sonic game ever.

Over the past few weeks, Sega has been showing off more of Sonic Frontiers over the past few weeks since Gamescom, including an overview trailer and revealing its intro and outro songs. The more we get to see of Frontiers, the more the same question gets asked – how big is this game going to be?

As reported by Nintendo Everything, Takashi Iizuka recently spoke to Italian gaming site Everyeye, where he was asked about the size of the game and how many levels are going to be in it, presumably referring to the number of islands and not cyberspace levels. Iizuka responded by saying that he can't reveal the amount of levels in the game, but that it's the biggest Sonic game so far, even going into some detail on how the team has encouraged keeping "curiosity alive".

Iizuka said, "I can’t reveal how many levels will be in the game. However, I can guarantee that Frontiers features the most amount of content ever included in a Sonic game. We wanted to make sure that Starfall Islands were stimulating enough for the players, with a lot of minigames and activities that would grab their attention while exploring. When we had to create the maps, we immediately thought about where we should place puzzles, ramps and all of those elements that could keep the user’s curiosity alive.”

Considering what we've been shown of Sonic Frontiers so far, this certainly seems to be the case, with several open-zone islands with a handful of cyberspace levels between them, as well as what looks like a ton of option puzzles and side missions to find in the environment. As Iizuka mentions, part of Sonic Frontiers' design process was deciding where to place those puzzles and ramps around the map in order to keep players exploring.

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