Sonic Frontiers Mod Finally Shuts The Blue Blur Up

Yes, most people will be playing and talking about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet this weekend. November has been a busy month though, and many of you might still be playing Sonic Frontiers, or maybe finally getting around to it. Be warned, the blue blur is pretty chatty, but thankfully, there's a mod for that.

Frontiers isn't the best Sonic game of all time, but it has been largely celebrated since launch for making some fast boot-clad steps in the right direction. However, one of the complaints some players have had with the game is the amount of chat. Sonic keeps stopping to talk to other characters and even to just chat away to himself since the Kocos that follow him around can't really talk back.

Sick of hearing Sonic's voice, keanine has created a mod that silences the hedgehog. Suitably named Shut Up Sonic, the mod is available to download now on GameBanana. The blue blur's dialogue will be replaced with, well, nothing when applied. It is noted that it shouldn't affect cutscenes, making sure you don't miss some key information. Most of the other stuff Sonic says is somewhat forgettable and yeah, he talks a lot.

Modders have already been having their way with Frontiers during its first two weeks on the market, and they've been doing more than just shutting the Sega mascot's mouth. Another mod, also available through GameBanana, replaces Frontiers' Sonic model with a 4K version. There's also a mod that replaces the aforementioned Kocos with Among Us crewmates. Surprisingly just as adorable even after the mod has been applied.

Sonic fans have had quite the 2022 between the movie sequel, Origins, and now Frontiers. It's not over yet either. Sonic Prime speeds onto Netflix next month, the latest trailer for the show dropping earlier this week. There are also rumors that Sonic Adventure DX will be getting the remaster treatment, and series aficionados still have the chance to work for Sega and help untangle Sonic's lore.

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