Sonic is Bringing the Tokyo Olympics to Mobile

Sonic is heading to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games on mobile, but appears to have left his partner in crime Mario behind on the Switch.

2020 is an Olympic year and for gamers, that means one thing and one thing only. The release of a new chapter in the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games franchise. The Tokyo edition of the series was actually released on Nintendo Switch a few months ago, so some players might even be sick of it by now. Fingers crossed there will be an update or two during the Games this summer.

For Olympic aficionados without a Switch, or those looking for more ways in which to use their favorite video game characters to participate in events, we have some good news. Sonic is bringing the Olympic Games to mobile. The news was revealed via the release of the first trailer for the game. Strangely, Mario has been left behind for this particular venture.

The premise of the game revolves around Eggman deciding Tokyo would be a fitting city for him to overthrow since it is big enough to hold the Olympic Games. Makes sense, we guess. Sonic and his pals obviously aren’t going to let that happen. Eggman’s evil plan prompts the blue blur to challenge his nemesis to a series of Olympic events. If Eggman wins, Tokyo is doomed. Should Sonic emerge victorious, the city is saved.

There are 15 events in total including the 400m hurdles, BMX, table tennis, and diving. A full list of the events included can be found on the game’s official website, and some of them can be seen in action in the release trailer above. There will also be EX events, similar to the Switch version of the game’s Dream events, in which different and wackier rulesets are applied.

It seems as if pretty much the entire Sonic roster will be turning out for the Games, including the likes of Amy, Shadow, and Metal Sonic. Sonic at the Olympic Games is coming to iOS and Android on May 7, 2020, giving players time to practice all of the events before the real Games commence. It will be free-to-start but will then require an in-app purchase.

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