Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer now looks and sounds like Sonic

The leaks were real and not only does Sonic the Hedgehog look better in the new movie trailer but it even has game music in it too.

Forget Gangster’s Paradise and the weird nightmare teeth of the original trailer, the latest teaser for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie actually looks like it could be good. Or at the very least it looks like the games.

After overwhelming negative reaction to the first trailer, and especially the look of Sonic, Paramount Pictures decided to delay the movie and completely revamp the design of its main character.

As the previous leaks suggested, not only does Sonic now look much closer to the game version but we suspect all that stuff at the start of the trailer, with the backdrops straight out of Green Hill Zone, were also new additions to placate fans.

Although the majority of the film seems to be set on Earth the trailer also has some nods to the original game’s soundtrack, which was certainly not something you got in the original trailer (which you can still watch below).

There is the problem that none of the jokes seem remotely funny, but that’s a script issue. In terms of having a live action Sonic that doesn’t look completely awful this is a vast improvement on the first try, even if it doesn’t seem quite as good as Detective Pikachu.

One question for fans now will be whether this design will be used in any future games. Sega has said they’re working on a new title but they haven’t said what it is, which might suggest it is in fact a secret movie tie-in.

The film is out on Valentine’s Day (14 February, if you keep forgetting) next year, which seems an odd choice but then the movie’s been full of those so far.

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