Sony Confirms PS5 Will Support PlayLink Games Via Backwards Compatibility

When Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 5 was announced, backwards compatibility was on the minds of every potential investor. PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 games were off the table, but the focus has now shifted to PlayLink games which Sony has given the green light to.

The official Twitter account of Sony XDev Europe recently confirmed that PlayLink games would be playable on the PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility. Sony wanted to address the matter after a handful of players expressed interest in the PlayStation 4 companion app. However, since Sony confirmed the inclusion of these titles, the community has only grown more confused by what they deem as a direct contradiction of the company’s terms and conditions.

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It was pointed out several times on Sony’s announcement thread, that its FAQ clearly states that PlayStation 5 consoles “do not support the PS4 Second Screen app or game companion apps.” Since PlayLink is one of those companion apps, answers were certainly called for.

Some users asked whether Sony had changed its terms concerning companion apps, as it was highlighted that PlayLink games would not be playable without its corresponding app. Whoever posted the announcement could have made a simple mistake, or perhaps got a little too far ahead of Sony’s big reveal game.

PlayLink was introduced back in June 2017 designed to combine your smartphone or tablet with your television and PlayStation 4. The mechanic allowed your smartphone or tablet to become a controller whilst you played on the PlayStation system. The novelty eventually fizzled out, however various games including Hidden Agenda, Knowledge Is Power: Decades, and Frantics were established for the PlayLink range.

Sony’s inclusion of PlayLink games in its backwards compatibility catalogue may mean that those games are being prepared to run on the enhanced system, rendering the PlayLink app redundant. PlayLink was a concept that even Sony abandoned at one point, therefore, it would make sense if those games were given a polish and the freedom to run independently.

As the future of backwards compatibility remains uncertain for some titles – including PlayLink games – some developers have suggested that the handful of PS4 games left behind may receive patches at some point. Sony also announced Game Boost, which would welcome certain titles to the PlayStation 5 with an enhanced 60 frames-per-second, including Ghost of Tsushima.

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