Sora’s Voice Actor Knew About "Time Travel And Doubled Characters" As Far Back As Kingdom Hearts 2

Haley Joel Osmont, the voice actor for Sora in Kingdom Hearts, says that he knew about some of the series' more complicated plot twists like time travel and doubled characters since Kingdom Hearts 2.

You don't need to be a fan of Kingdom Hearts to know that it has some pretty twists and turns, but the point of no return for many fans was Dream Drop Distance, which officially made time travel an important part of the plot. It had been briefly messed with during Timeless River, but it suddenly became a normal thing in the game's canon.

Although some accuse Kingdom Hearts of making its plot up as it goes along (with stuff like Nobodies and like eight versions of Sora, who can blame them?), it seems that some parts of the game's plot have been decided as far back as 2005. Haley Joel Osment recently took part in an interview with Buzzfeed where he put the characters he's played on an alignment chart. Although it's just a fun piece where Osment reflects on some of his roles, what he says about Kingdom Hearts has got some in the community speculating.

When discussing Sora, Osment said, "Sora is unambiguously the most lawful good character I've ever played. It gets complicated. I'll always remember when we started recording Kingdom Hearts 2 back in 2005 I guess, the producers brought in a giant chart showing how the time travel would work and how the different doubled characters would exist in the same universe and it got very complicated very fast."

Although it's possible that Osment is referring to Birth by Sleep's position as a prequel, it's interesting to note that he mentions finding out about time travel when recording lines for Kingdom Hearts 2 in 2005. Dream Drop Distance, the first game to really feature time travel, didn't release until 2012, so if Osment is really referring to the events of that game, Nomura might have planned out some of Kingdom Hearts' plot points nearly seven years in advance.

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