Space Survival Game Breathedge Is Out Now On Nintendo Switch

Following last month’s Steam release, Breathedge is now available on Nintendo Switch. In addition to dropping today on the eShop, the game is on sale for just $19.99.

This ‘ironic’ space survival game first launched in Early Access on Steam in February 2020, pulling in hundreds of positive reviews. The game launched 1.0 on PC in March, and now it is finally ready to be played on Nintendo Switch.

Breathedge is a typical survival exploration game, similar to Subnautica. Instead, of surviving the ocean, however, you survive in space. Players take on the role of the Man, who is just trying to go to his grandpa’s funeral. After surviving a shipwreck, you have to find a way back home. Unfortunately, the ship that you were in was a space hearse, and it was full of dead bodies that are now floating around. Oh, and you also have an immortal chicken.

Developers at Redruins Softworks describe the game as ironic, with an AI cracking jokes throughout your space exploration. The idea of surviving in space may sound serious, but Breathedge manages to squeeze some humor in at every opportunity. Don’t be fooled by the dramatic music in the launch trailer. Head over to the Nintendo eShop to buy the game at a discounted price.

Like most survival games, the Man is the only character (besides, of course, the immortal chicken and dead bodies). In addition to surviving in deep space, players will uncover a conspiracy involving the bodies that are floating around. Even though the game has a silly vibe, the graphics are absolutely incredible. Just watching a few trailers for Breathedge will reveal a complex and beautiful depiction of deep space.

Survival games are especially popular right now. Games like Breathedge and Valhiem transport players into a different world, where they can craft anything and everything they want. If you are a fan of survival games, then this is definitely a must-buy.

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