Speedrunner Beats Every Boss In Bloodborne In Under An Hour

Speedrunners Distortion 2 and Ahady have both taken the world record for an all bosses run of Bloodborne to under an hour in the last two days. Distortion 2 got there first, with an impressive 59:03, but Ahady beat him the very next day with a 58:45.

Unlike any percent speedruns which just require players to get to the end credits of a game as fast as humanly possible, the all bosses run tasks players with – you guessed it – killing every single boss in the game. Considering it takes some players more than an hour just to figure out where to get their first weapon in Bloodborne, beating all 22 big bads in under an hour is truly phenomenal work.

But, why is the run suddenly proving to be so popular again? Well, a glitch was recently discovered that allows players to abuse the Cannon – a powerful firearm. Most of the weapon's animations are skipped and it doesn't consume ammo, making it possible to cheese through lots of boss fights with relative ease. The glitch does require some precision to pull off, but it's still remarkable it's been in the game, undiscovered, for over six years.

Since this glitch was uncovered, several runners have been trying to use it to beat the old world record of just over an hour. Considering speedrunners have mastered all the best strategies for boss fights, this glitch doesn't save quite as much time as you might expect, but it's still an absolute game-changer.

he run uses in-game time instead of real world time. This is so that players on different hardware or patch versions don't have to factor in variable loading times and are free to perform as many 'save and quit' tricks as they want.

Speedrunners have to use all sorts of crafty methods to blitz through the tough enemies as fast as possible. The werewolf in Iosefka's clinic is actually baited into initiating a lunge attack that Ahady uses to push his character through a locked gate so that he can unlock the shortcut behind it.

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