SpellForce 3 Reforced: 7 Beginner Tips

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  • Learn The Controls
  • It Is A Must To Resurrect Heroes
  • Manage Workers Properly
  • Explore The World
  • Learn About The Enemy You Are Facing
  • Travel In And Out Of Battles Using Godstone Monuments
  • Build Towers For Better Defense

SpellForce 3 Reforced is an RPG video game mixed with the elements of a real-time strategy developed by Grimlore Games and THQ Nordic. The mechanics introduced in the game are somewhat different from other RPG games, with an introduction of a new genre called RPS. You will be raising your army after choosing from one of the three factions and preparing them to fight the battles.

Since the game offers brand new and complex mechanics, it will be difficult for some of you to get used to them. But, there's no need to go astray, as this guide will help you with some beginner tips on how to play the game. So let's get started!

Learn The Controls

While controlling all four heroes and an army of hundreds during a large-scale battle, it can become hard to remember what buttons to press. You need to control these heroes and use their abilities to heal your friendly units or deal damage to the enemies while also moving the heroes and units around to keep them away from getting killed. It can be quite challenging to perform multiple tasks at once, but the game offers players many button combinations to make them much easy.

An easy way to control your heroes quickly is by pressing buttons from F1 to F4. The game assigns heroes to one of the four keys by default, and you can press the key assigned to that hero to select it. You can also use the ALT key to slow down time while targetting the enemy or friendly unit. A menu will open up that will show the stats of the selected target and your hero's abilities to use on them. You can use the hero's abilities from the menu to quickly heal your units or deal damage to the enemy units.

To control your units easily, make a group of them by combining the CTRL key and numbers from 0 to 9. Pressing the combination of these buttons will select the group of units assigned to that combination. You can then select the desired group of units to give commands instead of choosing them one by one.

It Is A Must To Resurrect Heroes

Heroes are an essential part of the battle, and every hero has a role in the game. You need the four heroes to get through the fight and destroy the enemies. Your whole journey depends on their lives, and the death of all of them will put an end to the battle.

When the heroes die, they are not usually dead but in a knocked-out state. You get a 20 seconds timer to resurrect them from that state before they are gone completely. To revive the knocked heroes, you need to distract the enemies with one hero and use another to help the knocked hero. However, this is easier said than done. During the battle, you will not get enough time to help your companions while fighting for your life.

An easier way to resurrect the knocked heroes is with the help of a Resurrecting Spell or items. A resurrecting consumable like Reviving Liquid will do the job.

When the heroes are dead completely, the only way to bring them back is by using the Godstone monument. These monuments are spread all over the map and are used to resurrect dead heroes back to life. However, there is a price for reviving dead heroes using the Godstone monuments. Each resurrection with the Godstone monument costs one shard. You will start the game with three shards and get more by consuming special items or using your workers to pray at the Godstone monuments. Therefore, you must generate as many shards as you can to keep your heroes in the battle at all times.

Manage Workers Properly

When playing the Real-Time Strategy mode, you will start with the main base, which you will work on to expand and build your army. The main land will hold the outpost that will act as the hub of all workers assigned to that base. You can increase the number of workers with the help of upgrades. These workers will help in constructing outposts and expanding your base after you capture new territories.

The workers assigned to the hub will be responsible for carrying the resources from the buildings while the free workers wait for new appointments. The resources and the workers required for the construction of new buildings must be enough so that it is possible to put up new outposts. It is essential to balance these two for a stable economy.

When an enemy attacks one of your sectors, remember to evacuate the resources from that sector to a building in another area. You can always open the map and plan the extraction before an attack happens. It will allow you to save all your hard-earned resources, which you will need for construction and upgrades.

Explore The World

When you get time off from playing the story missions and strategy mode, head out to explore the map for new content. The game may not offer you much time for exploration, but you can use the free time to explore the Nortander region.

The region is composed of areas where you will find rare items, side quests, and enemies that you can kill to get better loot. These missions will give you better rewards for completing them. There are also caves and mountains that you can explore with the help of the World Map. The World Map is an easy way to find new quests in the region and traverse the landscapes of Nortander.

Learn About The Enemy You Are Facing

While facing the opposition, you can check their stats on what type of attacks they perform and the effects of their attacks. It is better to learn about the enemy attacks so that you know beforehand what strategies will work on them and which ones won't.

You can see the information on the bottom screen when you click on the enemy unit. It will help you adapt to the enemies and come up with new attacking strategies.

Travel In And Out Of Battles Using Godstone Monuments

Godstone monuments also work as fast travel points. A portal will open when you use a Godstone to travel to another nearest Godstone on the map. It will act as a mode of transport and allow you to move your units and heroes when you interact with the Godstone.

You can use Godstone to get in battles when you are ready and out of fights when you want to retreat and take a breather. All in all, it's an important mechanic you should get used to.

Build Towers For Better Defense

Towers work as a great defense against attackers and can stop the enemy invasion on their own. Defense towers provide heavy firepower to halt the attackers and allow some time for your heroes and units to arrive.

You can also assign workers from the main building to increase the defense and work on the upgrades of the defense towers.

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